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How I Finally Rid Myself of the Starving-Artist-Someone-Please-Come-Rescue-Me Syndrome

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Do you feel trapped and anxious about your career? If so cut yourself some slack. It's completely normal to have anxiety when you feel like a victim to your situation. It's also common to think that your opportunities will come from outside of you. It's not unusual to think that someone else will come along and make you successful and that without this opportunity you are destined to live a life in the shadows never realizing your dream. While it's true that we need other people to help us grow our careers, and sometimes they offer opportunities that help us a great deal, it's you who creates them even if it doesn't seem that way. The common denominator in your experience is YOU. It is always YOU at the helm.

The problem that has existed in the music business for a long while is that because it used to be SO expensive to record (still is but it's more accessible than it used to be) artists needed a company to support them even in start up. You couldn't record a record without a label. Now with the advent of technology making it less expensive to record, artists are able to fund their own records, eliminating the need for a label. However, just because you can put out a record, doesn't mean you have the budget to promote it and this is where most indie artists fall short.

The other issue is that artists live more in their right brain. They are often accused of not having organizational or business skills. This is, for the most part absolutely true. That's why you are an artist: your tremendous artistic talent in the right hemisphere. But, more and more artists are learning how to use both sides of their brains and are integrating business skills as a part of their everyday tasks. So that concept is falling away as it should. Artists are capable of business and to integrate both. But it's tricky. Particularly if you are resisting it.

The next piece of the puzzle is the sensitive nature of artists and the natural tendency to want to be recognized or rescued. Given that most artists are wounded, the narcissistic injury sets up a natural do you love me, need me, want me? need for approval which is the perfect setup for the starving-artist-someone-please-come-rescue-me syndrome. How do I know? Cause I have it too. The difference is recognizing it, owning it and not falling prey to its deception. It's the process of reclaiming your power and renouncing victim-hood  working on the inner dialogue and doing the work, learning how to center yourself and staying at cause for your universe. Once you realize that regardless of circumstances past, that in current reality, the ball is in your court entirely, you start to free yourself from the prison of the past. Once you accept the past and forgive it, you can get on the road to helping yourself and eventually winning your dream life. How do I know? Cause I did-the-work-and-made-a-successful-life I've been right where you are and I made it!

Here's my: 2013 Soul-based, Free + Independently Wealthy Music Artist Mindset Checklist

  1. I take full responsibility for the creation of my world. No one or nothing is to blame for the contents of my life but me.
  2. Wherever I am on the Evolutionary Line of my career is absolutely perfect and essential for me to grow to the next level. I embrace exactly where I am so I can keep moving forward.
  3. I know that sometimes I am limited in what I believe to be possible for my life and music. I ask that those limits grow and expand beyond where I can imagine right now, every day.
  4. I also take full responsibility for the way that I see things. It is up to me to grow and change to fit who I want to become. It's not up to anyone else but me. I seek out opportunities to grow and improve my mindset.
  5. I realize that sometimes circumstances outside of my control seem to set me back, but I will accept that life has curve balls that force me to grow. Stress is a sign that I am growing.
  6. My success is completely dependent upon the way that I think and perceive. I can only perceive what I already have inside of me. I ask that my consciousness expand to encompass elevated ways of thinking and perceiving so that I can attract the life I desire.
  7. I am committed to growing and becoming a better person, musician, and someone who contributes to others.
  8. I am dedicated to the evolution of myself and our beautiful planet in the larger universe.
  9. I am capable of all that I desire let it start today.

Print and post these on your bulletin board or wall. Make a note to uplevel your mindset with these new thought patterns or as Gabrielle Bernstein would say your Miracle Mindset. You are the captain of your future course correct every day until it becomes habit to think with a miracle mindset.

Here's to a mind-blowing 2013!!

©2013 Cari Cole, Vocal Mag, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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