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How To Place Your Songs In Film, TV and With Other Major Artists

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Most of us sing because we would like to do it for a living.

And sometimes there are different roads to getting there.

I personally have over 30 albums out, have produced more than 100 records and yet still felt like my whole career was contantly contingent on whether my next record did well or not.

So, I decided to diversify and I'm glad I did.

About 15 years ago I got into composing music for film an TV and have made the majority of my living from this.

This has afforded me the luxury to go back to doing music because I love to do it. Not because I have to do it.

With that said: I would like to share with you a way where you can too.

I have shared some of these "fresh hot off the press industry leads" with one of the instructors here on this forum already (I believe she has posted them to her site) but I had received several e-mails from folks asking if I would "please share them with the rest of the class."

So I will.

Before I do that I want to say, when presenting your material you MUST do it in a VERY professional way or it will be trash-canned.

Also, ONLY send things out that REALLY apply to what they are asking for (or they will get irritated and NOT accept any more submissions from you!)

I will try to include more conact info in future post with more "pitching info" as well as the "How To Find Leads".

With that said, here you go.

God bless guys,


'Hard Breakers' (Indie Feature) {Romantic Comedy - 2 beach girls 'hunt' men w/surfboards to find love w/Cameron Richardson, Sophie Monk, cameos by Tom arnold, Tia Carrere, etc.} Need End-Title song - Upbeat Female Pop, Rock, or Reggae w/lyrics about 'friendship,' 'Fun,' 'Good-times' NOT a love song - Scene has girls toasting each other and dancing on the roof at sunset - MP3s OK to: undercovertracks@yahoo.com Send to:

Attn: Holly
Undercover Tracks
311 E. Glenarm St., #4.
Pasadena, CA 91106
use email please: undercovertracks@yahoo.com


'Hard Wired' (Indie Feature) {Sci-Fi Action film set in near future when corporations control the world and a group of freedom fighters rebel w/Cuba Gooding,Jr., Val Kilmer, etc.} Future sounding Rock about rebellion, freedom, creating a new world, etc. - MP3s OK. Send to:

Ruben Liber
Motion Picture Corp. Of America
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., #180
L.A., CA 90025
(310) 319-9500 FAX: (310) 319-9501



'Fancypants' (Indie Film) {Comedy - Professional wrestler who is afraid of conflict in his real life} 1. Ethereal Airy Rock; 2. Dramatic EMO - Especially with "tired" or "need" in the lyrics in either style - indie artists like Explosions In The Sky, Velvetron, Jon Brion - also open to; & 3. Playful, carnival music - MP3s OK. Send to:

Daniel Hanson
Humble Pie Films
2161 N. California Ave., #301
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 489-5544


'Midgets vs Mascots' (Indie Film) {Comedy Mocumentary where they complete to split $10 million - Need music IMMEDIATELY to be ready for the Tribeca Film Festival in 3 weeks} 1. Fight Club- low dirty sexy Electronica or Hard Rock like Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold"; 2. Texas Bar Songs- mid-to-uptempo Southern Rock (not dark or break-up songs); 3. House Party scenes- Radio Pop or Rock singles; 4. Club scenes - Gay Club, needs fun 'diva' vocals w/minimal lyrics also Upscale Dallas Nightclub, classy club but minimal lyrics or instrumental; & 5. End Credit Song- Feel Good song like Spoon's "The Underdog":

'Sons Of Tucson' (Fox TV) {Pilot for series that takes place in Tucson, Arizona} Indie Alt. Rock or Alt. Country Rock - Especially local and regional bands in that area - CD's preferred or links OK but NO MP3's please. Send to:

Julie Glaze-Houlihan
Houlihan Film Music 2
3250 Dona Maria Dr.
Studio City, CA 91604
Use email please: houliwood@mac.com



'Strings' (Indie Film) {Drama about a vulnerable musician who leaves his girlfriend and life on a false trail, and returns 8 years later with re-constructive surgery} Need primarily instrumental Alt. Rock like Massive Attack - Ambient Electronica with a strong beat - Minimal lyrics or drop lyric tracks if possible. Send to:

Ben Foster
Motion Films
906 E 5th St., #106
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 657-7632


'A Little Bit Of Love' (Indie Film) {(Romantic Comedy) Caucasian male little person falls in love with normal sized black woman executive} Need Mainstream Pop and Pop-Urban crossover romance songs, all tempos Minimal budget - MP3's OK.

Send to:

Jeffrey Taylor
Taylor-Reid Ent.
6139 S. Harvard Blvd.
L.A., CA 90047
(310) 349-9557


FEATURE: "A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY" (EndGame Entertainment, US): Directors: Alex Gregory ("King Of The Hill" - writer, "Frasier" - writer), Peter Huyck ("The Larry Sanders Show" - Co. Prod., "Three Strikes" - TVM-Exec.Prod.). Producer: James D. Stern ("I'm Not There", "Stage Beauty"-Exec. Prod., "River Queen"-Exec. Prod.). Featuring Jason Sudekis ("Saturday Night Live"-TVS, "30 Rock"-TVS, "The Rocker"), Leslie Bibb ("Crossing Jordan"-TVS, "Atlanta"-TVM, "Ironman"), Lake Bell ("Boston Legal"-TVS, "What Happens In Vegas", "Surface"-TVS), Lindsay Sloane ("The Stones"-TVS, "The TV Set", "Help Me Help You"-TVS), Will Forte ("Campus Ladies"-TVS, "Beerfest", "Clone High"-TVS), Michelle Borth ("Tell Me You Love Me"-TVS, "Trespassers", "Komodo vs Cobra"-TVM).

SYNOPSIS: Story about eight friends, all heading into their 30s and all on the verge of major life changes. One of their number (Jason Sudeikis) has to get real his father decides to sell the family vacation home in the Hamptons, thus terminating his tradition of throwing elaborate summer theme parties. Wanting to go out with a bang, he enlists his friends to throw one final party to celebrate their last Labor Day together in the Hamptons. What kind of party?- an orgy natch.

=====> SEEKING: Songs about sex (nothing too explicit) from record labels. Genres - Rock, Alt Rock tunes. CD's only by post. No emails, calls. Send CDs to:

John Houlihan
Houlihan Film Music 2
3250 Dona Maria Drive
Studio City, CA 91604 USA

VARIOUS PROJECTS (Direct Ad Music, US): We provide custom music for all music media applications: film trailers, feature films, tv series, theme songs, etc. Due to increasing demand we need to bring on more composer. Must be able to turn out professionally produced cues on a very short deadline. Currently seeking top-notch composers and music producers to join the team.

=====> SEEKING: Music providers who are versed in all genre's of popular music (or really good at some) as well as traditional composers (score, theme etc). We have various projects ongoing at any given time and are looking for solid honourable people to provide supplemental music as well as custom score. Go to our website and upload 2 samples of your best work to the dropbox. Also upload a simple text or Word document with the information on titles sent along and your contact details and any other information you feel is relevant (working history, credits etc). Visit Direct Ad Music:

MUSIC FOR TV WANTED (Deadly Dreams Music, US): Music placement company seeks instrumentals for placing and licensing on a non-exclusive license for sync to the top music channels.

=====> SEEKING: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, World Music for a variety of shows on a number of cable networks, primarily MTV & VH1. CD submissions by post. Unwanted product will be returned if suitable SAE enclosed. No MP3s, calls or faxes. Contact:

Grover Zinn
Deadly Dreams Music
PO Box 18151
Encino, CA 91316 USA
e-mail: dreams@deadlydreams.com

ESPN SPORTS SHOWS (ESPN TV, US): ESPN is America's No.1 multinational multi-media sports entertainment company. Its ever growing production schedule NBA, NFL, College Football, College Basketball etc etc. Tons of music is always required. Looking for more music to use as sound beds. Just check out the channel to get an idea of the action music needed.

=====> SEEKING: Need more Alt. College Rock, Hip Hop, Rock Pop, Electronica. Must be contemporary record releases. Needs to have energy, be fast, action orientated. Only accepting commercially released music. CDs only from record labels or music publishers with acts signed/released by labels. No Demos or MP3's. 2 CDs max. per submission. Send your packages to:

Claude Mitchell
Bristol, CT 06010 USA

FEMALE ARTIST *Co-writers/producers*: Established producers and production teams, wanted to work with platinum-selling international female artist and songwriter. Style: Contemporary Pop, Alternative, Electro, R&B, Dance, Disco and Reggae, eg Kylie Minogue, Robyn etc. In Studio: March. Deadline: March. Prefer: MP3. Contact:

Natalie JohnLondon. UK
London. UK
e-mail: nataliejohn123@yahoo.co.uk

'Bigg Country' (Radiance) Country Rock Group - CDs preferred. Send to:

David Lowman
Radiance Records
5155 NE 25th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34479
(352) 266-6638

'Marshall Tucker Band' (Rainman) Southern Rock - CDs only please. Send to:

Greg Lewerke
Rainman Records
315 S. Beverly Drive, #407
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 277-3020 FAX: (310) 557-8421


'Aubriana' (IndaSoul/Fontana) Female Mainsteam Pop Radio Singles like Rihanna, Aguilera, Spears, Pussycat Dolls. Send to:

Marc Williams
Music Mind Records
10200 Mason Ave., #106
Chattsworth, CA 91311
(818) 233-1856

'Kevin Sharp' (Cupit Records) Uptempo Contemporary Country RADIO SINGLES - visit www.kevinsharp.com - For more on him;

'Michelle Cupit' (Cupit Records) Traditional Bluegrass - UPTEMPO only please; 

'David Russell' (Cupit Records) Uptempo 'Kick-Butt' Traditional Country - go to www.cupitrecords.com for submission policy - NO MP3's please. Send to:

Jerry Cupit
Cupit Records
P.O. Box 121904
Nashville, TN 37212 www.cupitmusic.com
(615) 731-0100 x11 FAX: (615) 731-3005

COACHOUSE MUSIC has been established since 1984 and is run by record producer, Michael Freeman. Michael produces around 8 albums a year and works mainly in the ROCK, POP, BLUES and ALT ROCK genres. He has 30 years experience and has been Grammy nominated. His albums have been released on Chrysalis/EMI and Blind Pig amongst others. Please submit on CD if possible but a myspace link will be visited.

Michael Freeman
PO BOX 1308
Barrington, IL 60011
Tel +1 847 382 7631
coachouse1@aol.co m

NOMA MUSIC is a well established and multi credited music licensing company and publisher that supplies songs and instrumental music to the North American motion picture and television industries.

They are seeking broadcast quality recordings from songwriters, bands, and record labels who own all rights to their music. Styles needed are SINGER SONGWRITER, CLASSIC sounding music and

original masters from the 1960s to the 1980s, INDIE ROCK and POP artists, URBAN music ala Black Eyed Peas, and INSTRUMENTALS suitable for motion picture trailers. Initial submissions are screened online, so we prefer links to web-sites emailed over. We'll contact those back whose material fits in with our production needs. ALL of NOMA arranged projects pay upfront fees for any usages. submissions@nomamusic.com www.nomamusic.com Jim Justice +1 805-498-4900 Los Angeles area.

OPTIMUM RECORDS, part of the Silverword Music Group, has been established for over ten years, and covers a range of genres of music from DANCE, HIP HOP, R&B, TECHNO, RETRO, MOR and ROCK. Artists include Tony Mortimer, Darren Day, Kara Tobin, The Hunnted, Kayla, Jekyll & Hyde ,and Michelle Thorne. MD, Kevin King says they have enjoyed 3 entries into the UK Top 75 singles chart in the last year! Tipped for success next year is We Are The Mighty! Kevin is always interested in songwriters who can supply broad based, well written ballads which have the potential to be adapted to

different styles for publishing deals and artists who can really deliver a professional performance and preferably great songs.

Kevin King
16 Limetrees, Llangattock
Crickhowell, NP8 1LB UK
+44 (0)1873 810142

SONGS WANTED (Leopard Music): Now looking for new pop songs for 2009. Must be very commercial and especially keen to hear some uptempo songs for girl groups and boy bands. Anything from pop/r&b, pop/rock, mainstream pop, pop ballads and commercial dance. Please send no more than 4 songs on CD to address below. Send to:

Teresa Coultard
Leopard Music Publishing
P O Box 77
e-mail: info@leopardmusicgroup.com

STEREO (EMI Netherlands): New 6 -piece band with a female singer created from RTL's "Rock Nation" TV talent search. First single went to the top in November, now looking for a second No. 1 smash and album tracks. Style: Pop-rock with an edge like previous single, uptempos or power ballads well. We prefer songs with female vocals. Think Foo Fighters or Evanessence, no bubblegum or kiddy-rock please. Songs with interesting twists or structures preferred. Deadline: ASAP. Prefer: MP3s, 2 songs maximum per e-mail.


Contact for both:

Gijs Nieuwenhuis
AT Productions
Vondelstraat 1
2513 EN Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel:+31 (0)70 345 44 74
Fax:+31 (0)70 345 10 34
email: gijs.nieuwenhuis@atproductions.com

CRYSTAL GAYLE (label tba) *Strictly Publishers Only*: Established country singer, now 58, best known for a series of country-pop crossover hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the Grammy Award-winning, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue." She accumulated 18 No. 1 country hits during the 1970s and 1980s. She is the sister of singer Loretta Lynn (who is 17 years her senior) and a distant cousin of singer Patty Loveless. Currently in the early stages of pre-production on her current album. In studio: within the next month or two. Style: Country-pop, and country-A/C crossover tracks of all tempos. All material submitted must be very radio friendly and have that classic Crystal Gayle vibe. Deadline: Early March. Prefer: CDs - MP3s - Links.

Mgr: Bill Gatzimos
Gayle Enterprises, Inc.
51 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203
Tel: 615-327-2651
Fax: 615-327-2657
e-mail: info@crystalgayle.com

MALE ARTIST (major label): This teen pop solo artist had one of the Top songs of 2008 on Radio Disney and is recording his debut album. Has toured with the Jonas Brothers, Sean Kingston, Jesse McCartney, Corbin Bleu, Jordin Sparks, etc. Style: Pop/Rock, think Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus. Looking for clean lyrics yet still mature. No cheesy bubble gum pop. In studio: Early summer. Deadline: June 1st. Prefer: CD - MP3. Contact:

Jason Keller
P3 Entertainment
P.O. Box 692503
Orlando, FL 32819 USA
e-mail: e-mail: jason@p3-entertainment.net

LIZA (B.A.D. Records): Looking for songs for upcoming production by female vocalist. Style: German language rock, pop tracks. Visit Myspace for samples.

A&R: Ralph M. Gorenflo
B.A.D. Records Germany
Hellstr. 2-4
D-35789 Weilmmuenster
e-mail: info@bad-records.de

HELLO!SKYLINE (Austria): One of the most viewed Myspace bands in the Austrian music scene. Their songs "Posthumous" and the second release "Waste Your Time" entered the Myspace charts by storm. Now we are looking for songs for their first single and the upcoming album to be released this summer/autumn. Hit Producer Oliver deVille (Germany) has worked for Gloria Gaynor, 2 Unlimited, Kim Carnes, Villa & Gant vs. SAGA, Whigfield, etc. Style: Pop-Punk - Powerpop - Pop Songs, influenced by American bands like: Simple Plan, Blink 182, All Time Low, We The Kings, Every Avenue, Racings Kites, Forever The Sickest Kids and bands like that. It's important for us to create this high school, college charm for this young band, Preferr up= tempo songs, but we also looking for pop/punk ballads. Deadline: ASAP. Prefer: CD - MP3 - Links.

Producer Oliver deVille
Villa Productions
Bahnweg 12
29323 Wietze
Tel: +49 (0)178-6972977
e-mail: villaproductions@web.de

FROM ABOVE (major label) *Established Publishers / Writers only*: Stunning-looking new UK girl group working on debut album for major release. Style: Pop, pop/dance, Euro/pop, up and mid-tempos. Listen to samples on site. High quality songs from established publishers & writers only please. Deadline: Ongoing. Prefer: MP3:

A&R: Jake McKim
Music World Entertainment
15 W. 34th St., 6th Floor
NY 10001 New York USA
e-mail: jakemp3@gmail.com

CARINA LIROLA (Favored Nations) *Urgent*: Stunning British female artist produced by Andy Lee who writes, "We have very nearly completed Carina's album, which Steve Vai is releasing in the USA on Favoured Nations. We have sourced most of the songs for the album from SongLink, it has been invaluable to us so big thanks. I'm now looking for 2 killer pop hit singles. High quality tracks only please, no fillers. Style: Pop like Kelly Clarkson 'My Life Sucks Without You' and The Veronicas 'Untouched', also Pink, Katie Perry etc - Max Martin /Cheiron type quality. Deadline: ASAP. Prefer: MP3s - Links.

Andy Lee
LTI Records, UK
Tel: +44 (0)7768 397868
e-mail: andylee@loolaa.com


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