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Intro to BS, Core Vitals

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I have a various amount of blog posts that are in production. I'm sorry it's rather slow, but I'm a perfectionist. Every time I look back, they link up in a new way and I need to make corrections. In any case, they are ALMOST ready, and will posted at a rate of approximately once a week. This is to give the various members time to read and digest the information, if they so choose.

This week, I want to bring some of the basics behind the Beyond Singing Philosophy (henceforth known as BS in further postings). It is my belief that everything a being does is composed of three vital parts (Core Vitals), of which there is no separation. I have blogs dedicated to diving deeper into each of them, and also into why other things are NOT included. Consider this a little "teaser" or preview of what is to come. Use it to prepare yourselves.

To make this quick for the time being, these three parts are, namely: Technique, Focus, and Facility. Technique refers directly to the Level of Perfection. Focus refers to the Mental Exertion required. And, Facility is derived from the Ease or Ability, which is measured through Comfort. We "measure" each of these three distinct categories via an arbitrary value system consisting of the range of one (1) to ten (10).

Never is anything (even outside of these Core Vitals) measured in any other way, ever. This would only lead to confusion when consulting, as everything is always RELATIVE TO OUR OWN ESSENCE AND BEING. My Focus of Seven (7) may be an Eight (8) or even a Six (6) for you. The balance of these Core Vitals will enable you to experiment with new patterns safely and efficiently, and gain results much faster on a self-study basis than you thought possible. You can take this BS and apply to ANYTHING in your life, and find it has a thorough, and seamless, connection to that portion of your life as well.

Next time, we'll dive into the Core Vitals, one at a time, and figure out how to rate them, and how to balance them.

Keep Singing Always,

Joshua Walls (BT)


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