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Introducing The 'TMV Journal' Initiative.

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Hi, TMV-ers.!

Work has kept me on the road, and definitely very busy in the past month. While not blogging or writing on the Forum quite so much during this interval, I have had the opportunity to share dinner twice with Robert in Seattle, both times with very lively TMV-related conversation as you might expect.

In our last sitdown, along with Jason, we spent a bit of time brainstorming some possibilities for a TMV-internal publication, by members, for members. Something on a level a bit more formal than what is currently going on with our blogs, and with a breadth, scope and quality that all of TMV can consider 'Our 'Publication'. To tell the truth, we three got pretty jazzed about some of the ideas, and Rob asked me to write a blog to share some of them with you. What follows are items based on that conversation, which I consider a good starting point for development & refinement. Please respond here, or send an e-mail and tell me your ideas!

- The publication will be by the TMV Community, and for the TMV Community, containing high-quality materials produced specifically by us and for us. through this publication.

- The Journal should have a core group that helps to coordinate content creation, the publication schedule, and which takes responsibility for setting the scope and tone issue-to-issue.

- Content will be Web 2.0, media-rich, using the same technologies that we currently use online, and new ones as we acquire them. Yes there will be well-written words, but also pics, vids, tracks and animation as they are useful to the author of an article as they get their point across in an engaging and compelling way.

- Content will be planned out in advance, for specific 'issues', much like a professional journal would be, with recurring subject areas, article series, new research results, and items of interest and practical use to the community members. Other sections of a less formal nature could include community events, get-togethers & milestones.

These elements, when combined, will make TMV Journal unique to us... an expression of who we are, what we are doing, and providing an ongoing value to the membership.

There you have it! If you are inspired to make some suggestions, here are areas where I would be very interested to have your thoughts:

1) What would be recurring topics of interest to you as a teacher, performer or student?

2) How often would you like to see such a publication produced?

3) What five TMV members would you like to see interviewed?

4) Your other ideas here:

I look forward to your responses.

Steve Fraser


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