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Is it best to learn online about singing, or with a real vocal coach?

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If you have a passion for singing, then you will by now have most likely done quite a bit of research online about the voice and singing techniques. Some of my singing students have indeed tried to teach themselves how to sing, and tried to implement what they know to be good vocal techniques. However there are limits to what can be achieved by simply reading about singing and watching vocal coaches talk in YouTube videos.

So, why go to the trouble of hiring a professional voice coach?

Well, for one thing, the sound of your voice that everyone else outside you hears is not the sound that you hear inside your own head. So your opinion on your voice may not be entirely subjective, or accurate.

So, why not simply ask a friend who likes to sing their opinion about your voice?

Well, generally speaking a well-experienced vocal coach will have had hundreds of singing students & know exactly how to troubleshoot the issues you are having with your voice and singing technique. A quality singing teacher should have the right anatomical knowledge about the voice to explain why certain notes are trickier than others. By having resources to pull upon, a singer can begin to implement small singing changes to improve their sound, even when their teacher is not in the room with them. This means that the vocal student themselves has the tools to work out why singing becomes more challenging at different times.

When hiring a professional voice teacher, the cost may be a concern, however you also want to avoid gigging and damaging your voice with incorrect support, tightening in the throat and shout singing.

Basically, the end result is that through time, patience and some really accurate advice, you can save time energy and in the long term money by getting proper advice and tuition.

If you do want to make a comment below, I shall endeavor to get back to you if you need specific questions answered, please book a Skype lesson via my website.


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