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Jennie Deva - Remembering You - Thank You!

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I was very saddened by the news of Jeannie's passing. Jeannie was in fact, a friend of mine. We first met in her home 2006, when I was under contract with TC-Helicon as the Voice Council Director as the first manager of Voice Council.com. As such, I traveled to LA and met with Jeannie and brought her on board to Voice Council. It was I, that first introduced Jeannie Deva to VoiceCouncil.com. and that was when we forged our friendship.

As years went by, Jeannie and I engaged in a lot of cooperative projects and some business deals that were always a pleasure. When I think of Jeannie Deva, one of the first things that comes to my mind is that she was very loyal as a colleague and as a friend. Jeannie was the kind of person that rose above petty politics. Jeannie had a sort of,... "above all that" vibe to her that made me feel very comfortable and at peace in her presence. It always instilled a lot of trust in our friendship. 

Apart from the personal reflections, Jeannie was a great voice coach. She knew what she was doing to be sure. The world was fortunate to be able to share in her gift for teaching, charisma and positive karma. Today, I still think of Jeannie from time to time and I do not believe that will change.

Thank you Jeannie for your friendship and for maintaining a high level of integrity in our dealings. I will definitely miss you.


Robert Lunte

... below are two recordings I have kept in my private music collection of Jeannie singing... very beautiful.

01-- Jeannie Deva - Whiter Shade of Pale.mp3

01-- Jeannie Deva - Melodia Sentimental.mp3

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