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Let's Take TMV Mobile

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Hello and Greetings to Everyone,

If you're anything like me, you live from your mobile device. Whether it be an iPhone, iPod, MS Zune, or just a phone, we tend to take everything with us. We sync messaging contacts, e-mails, and notes to out PC's and Mac's constantly. Being one who hangs about and does most of my online experience from a mobile, I thought about testing out TMV.

Apple saw fit to include the full Safari browser on both the iPod and the iPhone. For the rest of us, we aren't as blessed. What I came up with was slightly disappointing. TMV has no WAP friendly system. I don't blame TMV at all. Doing so would take from the experience, and take quite a lot of effort. Down the road, it may happen. But for now, we need to work around this for non-Apple users.

For Symbian and Java based mobiles, the solution is incredibly easy. Simply download and install Opera Mini. It runs from Java, and supports this heavy scripted interface. It loads pages with a compression technology that makes loads seem insanely fast.

For us Windows Mobile users, it gets more complicated. Microsoft's Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) is strictly WAP to this point. It does not use scripting. Randomly, button clicks will do nothing on TMV. I have experienced this, and been forced to copy/paste an e-mail to myself to retry from home. As a matter of fact, I had to do the SAME thing today with this posting.

There are quite a few browsers you can install on your Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional) or Smartphone (Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard). However, not all of them work for both versions of the OS. I'm going to outline the top 3 that work for either OS.

3. Opera Mini - This works just like it would for a Symbian or Java based phone, however on most WM phones it requires you to manually accept each send/receive request (like clicking a link) every time. This draw back makes me not like it as much. It does support ALL scripting, along with ultra fast loading.

2. Opera Mobile - Opera Mobile comes in a PPC and Smartphone builds. Each has its own attributes. A SM is a non-touch device, so it relies on key presses. PPC is touch, so Opera Mobile operates off of "touch-to-scroll" technology. PPC users can use the newest Beta build for free. If you want to use a stable version (for either OS) it requires a 29.99USD license fee after a 30 day trial. That's the negative side. On the upside, Opera Mobile is a FULLY functionable web browser. All scripts are supported, and so are Opera Widgets (if you install the widget manager application). It's as close to the PC version as possible.

1. Skyfire - My favourite by far is Skyfire. It uses a proxy to connect you to a server which does the tasks for you. So you are using a FULL browser and letting a pc do all of the workload. No other browser supports such a feature. This is perfect for either OS.

It's worth mentioning that Mozilla has a mobile has a browser. It current is fully Fennec functionable on specific phones, but can be found in alpha form on all other phone types.



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