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Melodic Revolution Records signs 2 Very Talented Recording Artists Alyshen and J-Zohar

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Melodic Revolution Records as a label is always evolving, more or less a progressive rock and classic rock label MRR has always strived to introduce the music listener and fan to the best in new and up and coming independent music. With that in mind we are once again moving forward with this very principle in mind.

Melodic Revolution Records is very proud to announce 2 very talented recording artists to our family tree of bands and musician. Please help me by welcoming Alyshen and J-Zohar to our family with on album each in hand and a new release on the way. Now available through MRR Alyshen, The Revolution of Me & J-Zohar, Premonition

I See Ya is the first single to be released to radio from Alyshen's upcoming album. It continues the upward evolution of Alyshen's vision of a global sound. Looking inside the composition, it's easy to see why I See Ya will follow in the footsteps of other successful songs from Alyshen. I See Ya is a bass-pumping, synth-laden, eclectic electronic experience. It encompasses a retro-rock style with a trendy euro-pop base. All of this diversity is beneath Alyshen's perfectly pitched vocals. With its hooky melody and crafty lyrical phrasing, I See Ya, is a track worth a look deep inside.

J-Zohar's Touch of a Mice is the first single from J-Zohar's upcoming release, New Born. The composition is an aggressive - yet sentimental - mix of highly intoxicating trance and rock. We tagged it trock. It highlights J-Zohar's vocal prowess in a creative collision with the songwriting talents of Alyshen. The result is a fast-moving, dynamic composition. The song itself is a dichotomy. Its high-speed chorus is juxtaposed perfectly against the slowed time signature changes in the verses. In New Born J-Zohar has delivered once again. With her production skills, perfect pitch and highly addictive trock, Touch of a Mice is one infestation your ears will love.

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