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Modern Voice Teaching

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Modern Voice Teaching,

It's discrepancies,

and the Effect on the Starting Vocalist

I'd like to talk to you all a minute about the effect of the discrepancies in vocal theoretics on the starting vocalist.

I'm noticing that most people crave to find a way to set them apart from another voice teacher and promote why their way is better, because they want to have more students. However, it's often very confusing for the starting student. In my vocal journey to understand the depts of vocal technique, I have many times struggled with trying to reconcile the different viewpoints on what makes the good vocal technique.

However the further I get into it, the more I see that most people are actually telling and believing the same with a different layer. There is one big problem I see with a lot of vocal teaching these days, though, is that teachers often teach what they are being thought and what worked for them. As a teacher, I think it's important that they realise that every individual is different, a therefore, studie a pleora of training methods so they kind of can listen to the student and test them if a certain approach or exercise works for them. When I started, many times an exercise didn't work for me at the time, and often some people would keep me doing it, and it would depress me.

Also there lies a problem with many teachers failing to properly explain why an exercise is used. They will tell you please do this scale with this sound, and then tell you maybe what to change, without even properly explaining why you are doing the exercise. This is a problem since it creates a dependency on the teacher to tell you what is right or wrong. If you understand all the theoretics behind an exercise you can listen to yourself and notice if you're doing the exercise the way the exercise is supposed to be done, if you don't know it, the starting student might be clueless why the exercise didn't work.

The second problem I would like to tackle with modern voice teaching and it's sort of new found way to promote "Secrets".

They would go: If you buy my program, you're gonna get an instant result or We'll tell you the SECRET of the mix like you can just read a spell on a student and he'll be doing it. Or, they would go on and tell why method A, B, C are bad, and why theirs will help you get a wonderful voice in no time, or would add X notes to your repertoire in the blink of an eye.

I'm telling this because in talking to my students, or in helping people in the forums, I have noticed many people just asking, Elrathion, what is a mix? Do I have it? When will I get it? Or even better: "Oh Boy, when I get a mix, I'll be like a superstar". or, "I think my training is nearly done, just need to "find" my mix voice, and then I'll be able to sing any song I want in any key".

Giving this kind of promises to people I think creates an unfair illusion to people.

How about we just step to the starting vocalists and tell them the truth. We got an approach, that has proven to work, and you're voice will improve immensely, but it'll take your dedicated work. Practising with attention for detail, week in week out, and in a period of one or two years you'll have improved immensely. Because most starters easily get depressed, after 2-3 months they think oh boy I'm still very bad and I thought my voice was gonna change massively, and then they think they just must suck, it's not the program, it's them.

Your opinions, please!


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