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My useful exercises for a great performance on stage

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All heavy metal vocalists are well known for their great performance on stage and their addility to keep their voice steady and on tune during the live-show.

If you were wondering, "how can he run like this on stage and keep his voice strong and steady for an hour and half?" There are some tips and exercises that you can make and become heroes!

A) First of all. As we all know, the secret to have a powerfull voice and hit high notes easily is in the diaphragm and the right breathing. There are some exercises to learn how to blow air through your diaphragm while you sing but do you know that you can train your diaphragmatic muscles?

A,1) The best diaphragmatic exercise is to lay down on you bed, put a weight on your belly, for ex. 3-5 books or more and breath in from your nose by pumping your belly out. This exercise is like bodybuilding for you diaphragm and it will make it stronger within weeks! You can make this exercise for 5-10 minutes per day and every 7 days you can raise the weight on you belly.

B) Second. Our heart beats in the age of 20-30 must be 95–162 beats per minute and at the age of 30-40 must be 93–157 beats per minute. When our heart beats over 110 we start to breath faster cause the body needs more oxygen and when we breath faster we can not sing right. There are 2 reasons that makes our heart beat faster on stage, 1st "Stress" cause you are on stage and lots of people are watching you and 2nd if you don't have a trained body and your running up and down all the time, making fun with the fans e.t.c!

B,1) To keep you breathing as steady as possible on stage you need to have a good physical health and a trained body. No you don't have to be an olympic champion but jogging/running for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week (and of-cource no smoking) will help your body to control your heart beats per minute and your breathing will be slower.

Next tips comming up:

A) Eating tips before the live show.

 Warming up before the live show.


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