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CHAKRADAR osmic World Fusion

CHAKRADAR is a concept.

It actually means "wheel within a wheel" and it is a Hindu music term, but you can also see it in nature's cycles, like the cycle of the earth around the sun, including the cycle of the moon, including the cycle of the earth around its axle, including the cycle of the water, including the cycle of the plants, including the cycle of....LIFE.

CHAKRADAR goes on and on in the universe creating and dissolving relationships (frequencies or periods) between forms of energy. Sometimes I think that if we could feel and understand the music of that multirhythmic universe, like PYTHAGORAS did, then maybe this could lead us to another dimension of existence and conception of life itself. CHAKRADAR is an idiom of what we call God. CHAKRADAR is a way to go for me. CHAKRADAR is also a one man band considering my recordings.. My name is Alexandros Tsamis. All the work that you hear starting from lyrics, singing, composing, instrument playing, and mixing is made by me, except "THELO NA XOREPSO" where Giorgos Makris plays the gaida. For my live performances I use a group of session musicians I have selected through my 24 years of experience as a session musician in the Greek music scene. All the instruments that you hear to this recording are real (no midi, sampling or sequencing).

It is a combination of polyrhythmic conception over traditional music forms, from many places of this world but mostly Greece, India and Africa.

The sound is usually very earthy and tribal and varies from the extreme dynamics of a rock/fusion band to the gentle whisper of a voice and just one instrument but groove and polyrhythmics are always present.

An example of what is polyrhythmics, is my song THE PERFECT ROLLING CYCLE where you can hear the cowbell plays a bar of 5/4 while on the same bar, simultaneously, ballafon plays two different melodic lines. One of 7/4, and one of 9/4.


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