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Non-Surgical Voice Restoration and Holistic Laryngological Care

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More and more, my practice consists of non-surgical voice repair cases.

The speakers, the singers and the wannabe singers, are pouring into my studio in Toronto and my alternative location in UK from all the continents known to humanity.

People always had problems with their voices and perhaps not necessarily less than today.

However, the food and the air, i.e. environment overall, was much cleaner and more pure than today, no doubts.

Outside of the environment, people in the past were more conscious of the education in general and vocal training in particular.

In the past, they appreciated the knowledge, which was giving them confidence and nevertheless, the safety of the use of their voice.

In the past, people had dignity and integrity and a lot of them were coming to me, with or without any indicative vocal problem and were saying, "I want to sing in a better and more respectable venue and not in a toilet bar."

Today, they don't care how and where they sing, as long as they can squeak some sound out of themselves and get through the night, keeping their fingers crossed, having their prayers and hoping that they will come out of that, still at least with the speaking voice (singing voice is optional) and preferably not injured, however not always.

They push and push and push their sound to the max, until, like my former client from Boston said exactly that, "Diana, in my last performance, I pushed and pushed and pushed my voice until I could not push any more. At that moment I knew this was the last time I could push it at all."

Back to nowadays, nobody cares for the quality of the sound, of the venue where they perform, as long as they get their "fix" and preferably make a "dollar or two" while at it (lol).

Today, they come because they "can not push anymore" and now, they scream or even whisper with their raspy voices "HELP!".

The good news is, that once I non-surgically repair their voices, as a side effect, I teach them how to comply with the standards of professional singing, while concurrently work smart and not hard and with the minimum effort, achieve the maximum vocal result and performance.

Needless to say that the consequence of the sentences above is the safety and protection of the voice for life.

Isn't that the "name of the game", while your whole life depends on your voice - speaking or singing?

Often, I ask my voice repair clients after a very short period of time being under my care, "What price could you put on this?"

The usual answer is, "IT'S PRICELESS."

And that, I hear from people whose first reaction to my tuition fees to restore their voice, to save their voice and realize their dreams, is "OH MY GOD! It's very expensive!"

Needless to say that in a lot of cases, especially where I spot the real need, I give them a break.

20 somewhat years ago, I had a remote voice problem myself and nobody can sympathize with my clients more than myself. However, my problem was purely emotional and not physical, thus it had nothing to do with the mechanics of my voice.

But it is very rewarding when during and after the voice repair course and treatment, the authentic e-mails from my now former clients expressing their true gratitude and happiness that all of their vocal problems are behind them now.

For those who are still wondering, please visit our website's section Post Course Letters and please read the recent e-mails from the clients who nearly lost everything that was always dear to them -THEIR VOCAL ABILITY TO PERFORM (singing or speaking for that matter)!

Needless to say, it got restored with mine and their hard work and with the magic of the natural herbs and remedies, which are perfect partners to my holistic approach to voice mechanics, as in partnership, they as well as the Vocal Science™ technique, assure the proper and non-surgical laryngological care.


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