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Rainbows of love and peace by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

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Rainbows of love and peace


From the infinity of the Universe

rainbows of love and peace arrive to us,

invisible wires

of the Divine creative energy.


From The Planet Earth,

balls of destructive human energy

are expanding into the Universe,

created by ignorance which flares

wars, crimes, hatred, and evil.


We are small creators!!!

The thought is energy that creates!!!

Our uncontrolled minds are polluted

from the dark energy of evil.


The thought is invisible energy that transmit

our aggressive inner world to the collectivity.

We are the good and evil in the world!!!


Our imbalance leads to our destruction

and our planet one.

We are the architects of our destiny,

unaware of having created our universe

of suffering and disease.


We can control our minds,

heal our ills and cover the whole planet

with love and peace.


A collective and balanced

thought will throw millions of rainbows on earth and

in the universe, illuminating the darkness.


We are divine collaborators, we must abandon

ignorance, stupidity, drugs, vices and become

responsible creators of love and peace,

worthy of being God's children.


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