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Setting realistic goals and achieving them

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I'd like to write a few words for people training their voice, especially people just in it.

One of the few questions I always get is: "Can I really train my voice and become good?"

About every vocal program promisess this, but is it true, and if so, what do you need to do

to achieve it?

I'd like to answer the previous question: "Everyone can learn how to sing, but not everyone will."

There are several factors involved that will determine wether we will become a good singer or not.

One of the most important factors is setting realistic goals and achieving them, and thats the first

one I'd like to adress in a series of blogs.

"What do you want?" is a question a friend of mine kept asking me (till the point where I got frustrated at times),

but it's a neccesary one. You see for a very long time, I just thought that if I just did the exercises from the

exercise program I bought, it would magicly fix my voice and I would sing like a pro :>

I'd like to shatter that myth, if you hold it, like I did. An exercise is just an exercise, unless you know what you are gonna

use it for. I can prescribe you a mum mum mum on an octave scale, but I can sing that in about 100 different ways, it doesn't get you anywhere. What you really need, is to know WHY you are doing the exercises, and then seeing to it you meet the exercise.

However I propose an even beter strategy to train your voice. And that is determining what you want out of your voice.

Record yourself, be realistic, ask yourself what are the areas where I need improvement on. Be critical, it can be alot!

Then, just set realistic goals to tacle those problems.

Let me illustrate. I as a singer might be having big jaw tension. Rather then just mindlessly doing exercises daily without any result, I'd experiment on ways to release your jaw. Think how you could do that and you might be suprised how imaginative you can be. You could be masaging your temples and letting your jaw drop gently. You could hold your jaw and see if you can make sound independant of it. You could shake your jaw and slide up and down your range and see if you break.

The options are endless!

So, when I say that everyone can, I mean it. But I believe only a small section will. Because it's not about your teacher (he will just supply you with ideas and find stuff for you to work on), or your program, it's about you! You need to experiment and see how your voice works. Once you find things that need improvement, you need to focus your attention there and tackle one problem at a time.

Most beginners wanna learn how to sing good, singing good is a combination of factors. Beter solve one problem at a time, then tackle ten at a time and fail.

Do you really want it? If so, just go experiment and set realistic goals. That way you'll stay happy as you see one problem at a time fade away, and you'll be one step closer to gettin where you want to be.

Realism is a word I'd like to emphasise here. Some people will learn faster then others. That's ok. In my experience you're never done learning, and it might take some years before you're really really good, if you start from scratch. Instead of just constantly comparing yourself with your favourite singer, just start working!

Be inventive! You have the internet at your disposal people. Don't be lazy! You can get like a 100 different exercises for your problem if you just search the net. You can read several books online, buy programs, buy books, watch videos on youtube, come on sites like TMV, get on forums, ask questions.

You can learn how to sing! But it means that you need to throw yourself in there and prepare yourself with a mentality of loving it and with an attitude that you WILL learn it. Make up your mind, set your goals, and achieve them one by one!

I hope this helps and motivates you!

If you have any questions, or comments, or wanna set me straight, feel free to do so!

With love and hoping you realise your goals.


PS : I'm currently working with some people to get a site together where we have a library of exercises for people.


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