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Singers working in the industry - This is for you!

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We have just completed the survey to over 1000 singers and musicians at different stages of their career and from widely varying genres.

The key issue from the 20 question survey, was that many (professional, semi and entry level singers and musicians) don’t know how to market themselves effectively to get work.

Many cited that it was hard work to try and get gigs, that they spent more time making the effort than actually getting gigs (slightly disproportionate I'd say), however anything worth having will involve some work although I don't agree it needs to be hard, BUT you need to be smart with the resources (time, money, expertise) available to you.

I was a professional singer before becoming a booking agent and I found it fairly easy to get gigs because I used the little time & resources I had very creatively. I can teach these techniques to anyone who is interested.

Another key issue for many who responded to the survey, was not having the confidence or dealing with things which held them back from taking their career to the next level, a phenomena which affected as many singers as musicians.

A few thought the market was shrinking although this is somewhat true to an extent what with the recession and entertainment licencing laws it's also because the people who are saying it are doing the same things as everyone else to find work in their chosen genres (jazz was a particular issue), so of course they will come up against a brick wall.

Of course with a survey like this you are bound to receive many points of view and a few seasoned professionals certainly felt that marketing could not be taught, you just had to do it!? Do what, where, when, how we ask? They did not say, but we are hoping they will advise us, as having run 3 courses addressing these issues and more, we would beg to differ! The fact is that some people need support and some don't....that's fair enough.

We are working on plans for development and training and will have these ready in the next few months - so watch this space!


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