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Singing Formants - The Acoustics of Singing Book

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I just had a great discussion with Ken Bozeman, the author of the book, "Practical Vocal Acoustics - Pedagogic Applications for Teachers & Singers". We talked a lot about how the CT and TA relate to each other and specifically, what they are doing inside of contemporary belt voice. I think I am lot more clear on CT/TA involvement now and "get it". I also have this book guys. It talks a lot about the acoustics of singing, but is practical and not too difficult to follow. It comes with a CD and a web site you can check into with supporting materials. I highly recommend.

I'm posting it here since there was a lot of discussion about CT/TA in here and I think Ken's publication needs to be brought to your attention. CHECK IT OUT! CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK!



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I have this book and it is a first source of research and understanding toward the acoustics of singing for my book, "The Four Pillars of Singing". Ken's expertise has helped me to insure that what I am teaching is accurate. I have also met him in person and he is a very generous and gifted teacher. Excellent... get this book! You can purchase the book at The Vocal Gear Store.

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