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SINGING & KABBALAH: The Singing Spirit of the Sefirot: Part 4 of 7

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We have been exploring how divine aspects that guide us in self-transcendence can be used as a roadmap for our singing experience. The spiritual energy of this week until May 7 is netzach, which corresponds to endurance and ambition, fortitude and patience. After developing our inner work during the past three weeks, now we take that awareness and channel it. One interpretation of netzach is applying it outward, in the achievement of our personal mission:

"Psychological (and psychotherapeutic) work does not begin and end with the harmonizing of conflict in one's own inner sanctum, it must extend to the achievement of a wider expression and balance in one's work in the world, an achievement of something more enduring than the individual self. (Sanford Drob, The Sefirot: Kabbalistic Archetypes of Mind and Creation)"

Tuning into singing: We can translate endurance and ambition into different aspects of our work as singers: in practice (following phrasing, sustaining a high note, being patient with one's progress), in performance (enduring the challenges of a studio session or a tour), and in our personal mission (teaching students, recording albums, publishing newsletters and books, and other types of production that express our mission in the world).

Questions for reflection: What techniques do I use to follow through my phrases and to sustain high notes? Do I sing my vocalises patiently? What tools and resources can help me when I'm spending hours in the studio? How can I support myself to endure the challenges of touring? Am I clear about my personal goals in my practice and in my mission as a singer?

Exercise: 1) Reflect on your short- and long-term goals as a singer ones that you've already accomplished and write them down. First, give yourself credit for accomplishing these goals. Then, reflect upon what tools, resources, personal habits, practical steps, etc. helped you achieve these goals and write them down. 2) Look at aspects of your singing practice and mission that lack an aspect of endurance or ambition. Use the information you gathered in step one to create new goals and achieve them. Good luck!

Feel free to share your personal experience with these concepts.
Blessing you with personal transformation,
Devora-Gila Berkowitz


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