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SINGING & KABBALAH: The Singing Spirit of the Sefirot: Part 7 of 7

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Thanks to all of you who followed this series. It was a pleasure sharing my knowledge of the kabbalah and applying it to singing. The last sefirah, or divine attribute, which we accessed from May 22 through May 28 was Malchut nobility and leadership, the culmination of all of the sefirot.


Malchut is the state of being that results when the divine qualities we've explored [Lovingkindness and benevolence; Discipline, restraint, and awe; Beauty, harmony and compassion; Endurance and ambition; Humility and thankfulness] are channeled through the last attribute: Bonding and foundation. "Malchut is a sense of belonging; of knowing that you matter and that you make a difference, that you have the ability to...contribute to the world. It gives you independence and confidence, a feeling of certainty and authority." (Rabbi Simon Jacobson, A Spiritual Guide to Counting of the Omer.)

Tuning into singing: The strongest motivating force is knowing that what you do matters in the world. This confident knowledge gives you a reason to smile and feel good, and gives incentive to continue developing your skills and refining this knowledge. As a singer or singing teacher, there is so much to learn. Only by embracing ourselves in a leadership role can we be effective at what we set our hearts out to do.

Personal story: I recently performed in a large all-woman's event. Previous to this concert, I had been used to much smaller venues, often singing in front of friends. While I never look like a shlump, I hadn't made much effort towards physical appearance. For this event, I wore a modest, graceful dress, large fake pearl earrings and necklace, an elegant headwrap, and put on makeup. I look and felt like a queen! This feeling affected my performance, and the feedback was that it was "exquisite."

Questions for reflection: As a singer or singing teacher, how am I a leader? What are my personal contributions to the genre/style I perform? How do I communicate this sense of sovereignty to the audience? How am I an authority of my teaching method? How can I incorporate the other divine attributes into my leadership ability?

Exercise: Feel happy knowing that your singing makes a unique contribute to the world!

Feel free to share your personal experience with these concepts.
Blessing you with personal transformation,
Devora-Gila Berkowitz


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