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So, You Want To Be A Singer? by Diva Joan Cartwright, Chapter 6

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So, You Want To Be A Singer? by Diva Joan Cartwright CHAPTER 6 - REPERTOIRE 

Having a list handy of all the songs you sing in alphabetical order with a column for the key in which you sing each song can be invaluable when you meet musicians. If you are that organized, then you can probably fill the bill as a singer. Keep adding to the list as time goes by, until you've filled up two sides of the page. Try to include the composer of each song.


1. A CHILD IS BORN C Thad Jones

2. A FOGGY DAY G Gershwin


4. AFRO BLUE Cm Coltrane

5. AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' Eb Fats Waller

Versatility is a plus. It always helps to know songs in more than one genre. It may be necessary to have more than one list or categories, if you sing in two or more genres, for instance you may separate songs by:

  •  Jazz
  •  Blues
  •  Gospel
  •  Rock
  •  R&B
  •  Latin/Samba/Bossa
  •  Broadway
  •  Country
  •  Pop or Top 40
  •  Hip Hop
  •  Reggae
  •  Contemporary

Another way of categorizing songs is by composer or artist:

  •  Anita Baker
  •  Antonio Carlos Jobim
  •  Aretha Franklin
  •  Beatles
  •  Billy Joel
  •  Billie Holiday
  •  Cole Porter
  •  Duke Ellington
  •  Ella Fitzgerald
  •  Randy Crawford
  •  Stevie Wonder
  •  Whitney Houston

Always have a list of your original songs, as well. That way people understand that you are a songwriter. Have a few copies of your songs in case other musicians want to play, sing or record them. In time, you will be respected as a songwriter and people will begin to request your songs, before they request songs of other artists.

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