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So, you want to be a Singer? by Joan Cartwright - Chapter 3

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No singer is an island. The band is necessary. Sure, you can do gigs and get paid well for working with tracks or tapes, but it can be a lonely existence. It's best to form an alliance with many musicians, especially piano players and guitarists in order to keep yourself in line for real gigs with real music. If you sing jazz and blues, you need a drummer and bass player. Horns can come later, though they tend to be bandleaders, themselves. Often, they hire singers to please the audience and club owners. If they like you, they will keep you working. Update your list of musicians and their telephone numbers, regularly.

Remember, if you are the leader, musicians are not backing you up. They are working with you! When it comes to paying them, don't get star struck! Be kind and generous and you will never walk alone (on stage that is).

Unless you have a very powerful voice or you are singing in a tunnel, you need a good microphone and sound system. Most pianists and guitarists have sound systems, though they are not required to have them. Align yourself with musicians who have the necessary equipment for any gig you may get.

Have your own microphone! This instrument is used close to your mouth and may carry germs. So, having your own microphone will help you avoid getting unwanted viruses that may effect your health and impede your progress. Don't be paranoid. Just be careful. An investment of $300 can get you a professional microphone, a good, lengthy chord and two kinds of jacks - male and female. A cordless microphone is expensive, but gives you more freedom to perform on and off the stage.

A tambourine is a good percussive instrument for a singer. It's fun to play and gives you the opportunity to be part of the band. It may take a little practice to get the gist of the tambourine, but the time you put in will be worth the effort. You can also get a cowbell, cabasa or guica (friction drum).

Check your music store or online for these items. Once you begin to accumulate instruments, it will help to have a small roller bag to transport them with your music books, high-heeled shoes (if you're a woman) and demo CDs.

SO, YOU WANT TO BE A SINGER? by Joan Cartwright

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