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The Cure For Winter Blues

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The Cure For Winter Blues

Don't be feeling down

Just because winter came around

Let me share things I have found

Before more snow hits the ground

My youtube channel viewwithme

Has much excitement for you to see

So go to the site and join me

It really is the place to be

There are playlists to suit your every need

Anything from wild bats out of trees

To the judging of birds and bumble bees

Take a minute to give it a peek

You will find what you seek

There is nothing you would consider bleak

These playlists are all very unique

Even if you have the flu

Don't go feeling blue

You can still have fun and see something new

From waterfalls to making a shoe

If you are into storm chasing

Or even furniture making

You can watch from when you're first waking

Until your eyes are aching

If you like to watch a whole lot of contests

My youtube channel viewwithme is the best

You may even need to take a rest

Before you can continue to see the rest

There are playlist of stagecoaches and wagons too

And much more in store for you

And all you really have to do

Is find the right playlist that works for you

This is how you cure the winter blues

Aren't you glad I shared the news

About my viewwithme channel on youtube

And all that still awaits you


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