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The Modern Vocalist Spotlight Videos (V2)

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The Modern Vocalist World would like to congratulate the following members who have been selected for the weekly SPOTLIGHT VIDEO !!! We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation for your dedication, commitment, and continued support of TMV.

The Modern Vocalist World would like to encourage the entire membership of the Social Media site, as well as the members of the Forum to submit YOUR videos. We would also appreciate your comments and input on the Spotlight videos as well as the many other videos on the site. To locate the the additional videos, please click on "View All" in the right hand pane below the Featured videos.

Please note: The Spotlight Videos listed (below), were published from May 4, 2010 until the present date. Any member who was Spotlighted prior to that date, and wishes to be included in this list can contact me and I will happily add YOUR video.

Due to the 10,000 character limit of this article, it was necessary to create a second article, "The Modern Vocalist Spotlight Videos (V2) beginning December 21, 2013.

Here's the link to "The Modern Vocalist Spotlight Videos (V1)" so you can locate the previous Spotlighted members >> 



Adolph C. Namlik

Executive Director

The Modern Vocalist World

Updated by Adolph Namlik 21 November 2014


Agnieszka Krol - "Pokreceni Ludzie"

Amir Maor - "All She Said" 

Andrea Pizzo - "Too Much Love Will Kill You"

Andrea Pizzo - "In My Defence" 

Auret Esselen - "Precious Moments" 

Bryan Magsayo - "Always" 

Chip Jenkins - "How Does Posture Affect the Singing Voice" 

Chity "Chity" Somapala- "The Land in Flames" 

Chitral "Chity" Somapala - "Miringuwa Parada" 

David Lyon - "More Than a Feeling" 

David Rocano - "Say Something"

Destini Beard - "Haunted Hearts" (Live) 

Earl Harville - "Performance Day Warmup Routine" 

Earl Harville - "Vocal Health Issues" 

Earl Harville - "Background Vocals" 

Elena House - "Dust in the Wind" 

Felipe Carvalho - "Pride" 

Felipe Carvalho - "Take Hold of the Flame" 

Greg Morgan - "I Will Follow You in the Dark"

Igor Zotov - "Victim of Changes

Igor Zotov - "Rainbow Eyes"

Igor Zotov - "Children of the Damned"

Igor Zotov - "She's Gone" 

Jon (jonpall) Gunnar - "Boat on the River" 

Joshua Theodorus Kurnia - "Latch" 

Julie Parnell - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" 

Kris S. - "Natural Beauty"

Laura Monteverdi - "Say Something" 

Lonny James - "When the Levee Breaks"

Marco Antonio Fonseca - "Hard to Handle"

Mely - "Dawn of a Million Souls" 

Mike Ousey - "Can't Forget the Love" 

Nicholas Jensen Stilborg - "The Sun" (X2)

Nik Archer - "What Makes You Beautiful" 

Nik Archer - "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" 

Nikola Novakovic - "The Knowing" 

Paula Barouh - "Al Final"

Phil Moufarrege - "Afraid of Failing" 

Phil Moufarrege - "Don't Stop Believing" 

Ralf Scheppers - "King for a Day" 

Rkrgrl (Kym Davidson) - "Move Over" 

Robert Lunte - "Stop Hitting High Notes and Start Shifting Formants" 

Robert Lunte - "Onsets and Octave Sirens" 

Salem Jones - "We Gotta Change" 

Thomas Hofstad - "Until I Saw Your Eyes" 

William Bostic - "Cause I Love You" 


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