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The Modern Vocalist & The Art of Craigslist.com Badging

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Members of TMV,

As you can see, we are building the #1 community for singers on the web. The Modern Vocalist can attribute its rapid membership growth to the passion and quality of our membership. We are seeing some of the best talent from around the world join everyday from every genre'; Artists, Instructors, Hobbyists, Song-Writers, Producers, Engineers and Research/Science professionals have all heard about The Modern Vocalist and are rapidly joining.

We have a vision for The Modern Vocalist.com and it is big. When we say that TMV is the #1 community for singers on the web we really mean it. There are several key factors that go into achieving our objective of becoming the number one community for singers on the web such as having a cutting-edge, interactive web site, a world-class leadership team and consistent membership growth. Membership growth is what I want to talk with you about in this blog.

TMV is gaining on a very important milestone in our history, our first 1000 members! We would like to ask you to participate in a large-scale, communal campaign to push us up and beyond 1000 members by Feb. 7th. An experiment in large-scale social network badging. If you have a spare 5 minutes...

Our team of community developers has discovered that simply "badging" Craigslist.com is not only very effective and attracts people from all over the world, but is easy and FREE. Here is what you do...

The TMV Craigslist Badging Experiment:

- Simply go to www.craigslist.com CLICK HERE >>>

- Login if you have an account, if you do not you can create an account.

- Pick any major city nearest to you, or any major city you choose and click on that link on the right column.

- Click on "musicians" under the top left heading titled "community".

- Top right corner, click on "Post".

- On "pick a category" , choose "musicians"

Posting Title:

"New Web Site for Singers: www.TheModernVocalist.com

Posting Description:

"www.TheModernVocalist.com "

Feel free to write anything you want in this space... tell people what you think about the site, use your native language, or just type the web address.. its up to you.

Click on "Continue"

Review your posting and click "Continue"

type in the security word and click "Continue"

Our most important partners are our members and their incredible combined talent and experience. Every new member build more value for all of us. Help us to take our membership past 1000 members and keep our star rising in the industry. Lets watch the numbers grow and see what happens...

Thank you so much for being our member, sharing your talents and your passion for building something truly unique and worthy of International acclaim.

Robert Lunte

Founder TMV


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