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The Music Of Poligraf : Leftoverturned part 1

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(Detail from "American quilt" )

When I complete a composition there are often unused ideas left. Some of those I find actually pretty good but if I can't see how to fit them into the piece then there's not much choice but to discard them. For a while.

I rarely delete stuff, I archive. Once in a while I browse the archives and listen to such ideas in no particular order, and sometimes I get to see a way to combine some of them. Then I have the seed of a new composition.

Leftoverturned is a rehash of Countless Questions, Informа lstrom and ideas discarded from the 1000 Radioа writing sessions. The origin of the leftover part of the title should be obvious by now, and the overturned part refers to the countless questions which have been vanquished, and have now vanished.


I had set out to understand

Which thoughts were best to be untwirled

Which lines were fit to make the strand

Which words were apt to free the world

As I advanced onto the quest

No issue left me unconcerned

No question was left unaddressed

No single stone was left unturned

Just driven on by a feeling

Proverbial mental splinter

I never knew needed healing

Explored ahead ever faster

The hands of time were overruled

Future and past blended and burned

Nobody could have had me fooled

The learned became the unlearned

Until one day I encountered

Round a corner of my psyche

Childhood events that had triggered

An invisible injury

And there and then I understood

My quest had been for disclosure

Of the wound that I had withstood

That robbed me of my composure


To be continued...

The Music Of Poligraf series are reposts of writings and demo audio clips that have been originally published on The Goal Was So Near from November 2008 to April 2009, made available for those who missed the original Clip Of The Day series.

If you enjoy what you hear, you are invited to visit the section of our website and support our efforts by pre-ordering our first album entitled Samsara.


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