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The Music Of Poligraf : Leftoverturned part 2

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(Detail from "Lenticular cloud")

Given its structure and contents, the second part of Leftoverturned could have been entitled Inform lstrom II (ref: "1000 Radios"), but because of the undeniable influence of Modest Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain the full title finally evolved into Atmospheric Disturbance Over Balkanian Mountain. Please don't ask. But you're welcome to enjoy the clip.

(... continued from "Leftoverturned part 1")

At first I blamed the offenders

Until I came to recognize

Playing our parts we were actors

We had not written my demise

Although that much had become clear

Most of the mystery remained

Of how I could rid me of fear

And of all that which had me pained

So on the path I walked along

Sincerely seeking the answer

Frequently deaf to my own song

To hear despair and desire

Arcane knowledge for you I yearned

As I explored ever further

The parts of me that had been burned

The heart that had learned to wither

And how often unwittingly

I strove against the unfolding

Of a process so fittingly

That mostly needed allowing

Onward I was driven by will

Guided by natural justice

All that time directing the bill

So it could school its apprentice

I scythe the sheaves and dig the roots

In my garden of souvenirs

The time has come to reap the fruits

Of endeavors over the years

On the threshold of a new life

The world I sought sincere I pray

One of love and of freedom rife

Almost in reach won't go away

The play complete the actors bow

The school is out the lessons learned

It has happened don't ask me how

Countless questions leftoverturned

The Music Of Poligraf series are reposts of writings and demo audio clips that have been originally published on The Goal Was So Near from November 2008 to April 2009, made available for those who missed the original Clip Of The Day series.

If you enjoy what you hear, you are invited to visit the Music section of our website and support our efforts by pre-ordering our first album entitled Samsara.


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