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The Music Of Poligraf : The Chrome Lake part 3

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("Introspection" by Alberto Baumann)

"Introspection I" is the third part, and first vocal section, of "The Chrome Lake," which itself constitutes the core middle chapter of the "Entering The Stream" trilogy.

The title of the whole suite was inspired by Voivod's "X-Ray Mirror" from their "Nothingface" album :


I can't believe I am the image

Within the mirror

Into the chrome lake

The glass is broken

But I look the same



The present part's subject matter is, as implied by its title, looking into oneself. Here are the lyrics:



I see you're down you know you can always confide in me

Over your head in haze, I will always reflect the true story

The picture that I see may not be complete but just the same

Since you don't open up, I'll start, it's a part of our game


The one I see before me is lost, it's not a pretty sight

A living dead, a ghost, a black hole starving for some light

I see you feel ignored, exploited, always out of breath

I see you feel damaged, depressed, contemplating death


It's too hard on your nerves to recall who you must be

The way you must behave to please, please everyone you see

You don't know who you are, you just try to fit their scheme

You even let your mind become slave, slave to their dream

Looking for advice it's about time you found



Another you - the real you

Afraid of the way they will see

The one who hides inside

Another you - let them see

The flame in your heart


Only you can end your misery

The Music Of Poligraf series are reposts of writings and audio clips that have been originally published on The Goal Was So Near from November 2008 to April 2009, made available for those who missed the original Clip Of The Day series.


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