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The Music Of Poligraf: The Chrome Lake part 7

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(Globe of Integration by Eugen Hofbauer, Herbert Kalleitner, and Susi Muller. Photo by Manfred Kielnhofer)

The Chrome Lake is the core middle part of Entering The Stream, the trilogy which begins with "Into The Ashram" and is completed by "Leaving The Ashram."

Lasting a little over 12 minutes, the suite comprises seven sections identified as follows :

  • 1. Introversion
  • 2. Intervention
  • 3. Introspection I
  • 4. Introspectrumental I
  • 5. Introspection II
  • 6. Introspectrumental II
  • 7. Integration

Integration starts on a chaotic solo piano part which is soon backed up by the rhythm section that plays up the oddness and dissonance, intending to give the impression of having too many pieces to fit in a puzzle combined with an urge to complete it. The disarray slowly gives way to order and steady forward movement until the piece concludes on a peaceful release signifying the completion of the integration.


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