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The New Fame Formula

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It's a new time in this new-fangled era of the entertainment industry. As the traditional ways of doing things fall apart, now, more than ever, calls for a new set of ideas, new rules, new emerging paradigms and new ideas being called out from everywhere even from the music shakers and makers. And the best ideas which, I am sure, have yet to arrive. Who knows where this will go? No one knows exactly how this is going to play out. But at the moment, change is the only thing that rules.

And so as artists, in order navigate these new waters, stay afloat on top of the turbulence and hopefully chart the right course to our success, it requires us using new tools: Awareness, Skillset, Mindset, Savvy and Smarts and as I've learned, each are equally important in traversing this new domain.

Many of my students (emerging artists worldwide) who work with me now, know that how you approach this new time creates the stepping-stones to success whatever that looks like for you. One thing I know for sure is that there is not one model depicting Fame there are many. The new fame comes in many flavors, and it could just as well be yours for the taking, once you learn the formula.

So what is new fame? Well, people all over are creating success outside of the traditional models in every business, music being no exception. But what does that mean? It means that we are in transition from the old to the new. We are letting go of one hand to grasp the next, and like the trapeze artist letting go of one bar in mid-air, there is that moment before she grasps ahold of the new and that is where you and I are, right now.

And, it's up to up to us to decide how we want this thing to go, but we have to let go of the past and the way it's been, and open our minds to what is coming. If we keep holding on, we'll get nowhere fast, like those hanging on to the old business, sigh.

That is why I've decided that it's time to come forward to help redefine this new world (as best as I possibly can I certainly do not have all the answers but I do have tons of experience in New York City for the past 2.5 decades) so that we, artists alike, can create the future together. (We are doing it anyway why not make it conscious?) After all, the power is in our hands when we take the initiative.

The Soul and Success of the New Music Artist rests on three critical pieces that formed in equal (congruent) parts, pave the way for this new-fame to emerge. I call them The Fame Factors. And it's not one, not two, not two and half it takes all three. But if you've got those, you could reign in gold or platinum.

Fame Factor #1: SKILL. Skillset is 1/3rd of the puzzle. If you are missing this, you'll come up short every time. Alicia Keys played piano for 6 hours a day, John Mayer played guitar in excess uncountable hours how much do you work on your skillset?

Fame Factor #2: SOUL. This is the inner work you do your inner voice. The stuff people say you either have it or you don't I say it is You. But without guidance, it might never come out. I teach artists how to find it, it's there in everyone you just have to know the route.

Fame Factor #3: SAVVY. That means smarts, knowing how the biz works, knowing who's in the biz, respecting what timing is and practicing patience, die-hard persistence, and real know-how, being in-know-ness.

Want to find out more want to gain access to the new formula that you can apply to your career? Time for to learn the new Formula!



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