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The Pendulum of Fear vs Confidence, and the Music Industry

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The Pendulum of Fear vs Confidence, and the Music Industry

Last week I was talking about childhood (narcissistic) wounding and how it shoots our self-esteem to shreds. But it's not just our childhoods. The industry will also give us a beating, if we don't know our

core. Once you're in the music business, the industry starts to tell you what to do - if you haven't developed a strong sense of your identity as an artist - your genre, your style, your inner true authentic voice - it can become very confusing when you do start to work in the industry. Now, you may not have it all figured out but if you haven't really worked toward that, well . . . you may be in trouble.

I've seen a lot of artists go down the wrong road, or start listening to advice outside of them that is incorrect - in terms of how they need to fight for what they believe in. As artists, you need to learn to be vulnerable and open but also to start to build a stronger core or center.

What keeps many artists from doing that is that fear thing again - fear that they're not going to be good enough, fear that they're not love-able, fear because they've had these narcissistic childhood wounds. Fear that they can't make it. Big unknown. Very scary.

I have students in my studio facing this all the time. Now most people don't want to admit to anyinsecurityand they try to cover it. But if they're not honest about it, they don't get the help they need. That's part of what I work with my students - we work on voice, we work on performance, we work on songs - but without the facing of fears and strengthening your identity and confidence -you are not ready to thrive in the music industry. So - how about you? Need to do some work ~recognize yourself here?

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About C A R I C O L E

Cari Cole is a Grammy nominated singer / songerwriter and vocal coach to Grammy winners, American Idol's and legendary rock stars. Cari's studio is a haven in NYC where artists find vocal help, wisdom, health, strength and creative nurturing. Cari is committed to helping artists sustain strong and resilient voices for a lifelong career in music as well as keeping them creatively nurtured in their songwriting and careers. Cari also works with young artists and developing artists to find their true voice as singers and songwriters.

Cari's Standing in the Spotlight weekly eZine ~ Empowering, Informing & Inspiring singers, songwriters & musicians ~ Stay current with the latest in techniques & style, holistic health, songwriting and artist development... comes out every Wednesday.

Cari Cole's CIRCLE OF FIRE is inspired by the NY Times bestseller, The Four Agreements bydon Miguel Ruiz. "Cari's music inspires us to live the vision of a new dream: the dream of heaven on Earth", don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements. CD,

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If you'd like to learn more about working with Cari, call her at 1-800-330-5250 or email her at info@caricole.com

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