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Treating Vocal Nodules : What Are The Options For Treatment?

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Voice Specialists from TMV,

What is your experience in treatment and its effectiveness?

Consider the following case study as an example. Singer gets a node on 1 fold that is mild to moderate.

It has been suggested that surgery could be necessary, but by no means confirmed.

Would you say that surgery to remove 1 vocal nodule would be permanently detrimental to the artist? How much perm. damage can occur and are their cases you know of when a nodule was removed via surgery and the result was outstanding.

What other solutions are there? Rest? Medicine to reduce swelling and antibiotics?

At what point would a singer have to choose laser removal over the other less invasive therapies?

Thanks for your professional and critical feedback... I hope to get a lot of experienced feedback on this. I think it could become an important resource for many singers and I would enjoy getting your input.

Thanks Team

Robert Lunte


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