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Vocal Health Care with Chinese Medicine

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Vocal Health Care from the Chinese Medicine Point of View

This is an amazing article written exclusively for Superior Vocal Health blog readers from Dr. Susan Russell, a leading expert in healing the voice with Chinese Medicine. If you are a Voice Professional and vocal health is the number one priority in your life, then you do not want to miss reading this article.

Vocal Health from the Chinese Medicine Point of View

Dr. Russell gives us an extraordinary amount of valuable, useful and in depth vocal health care information concerning:

1. How the emotions effect the circulation of Qi and thus the voice

2. The healthy voice and it's relationship to other major organsaccording to Chinese Medicine

3. How certain foods influence the quality and tone of the Voice

4. Specific recipes for Vocal strength

5. How to use Chinese Laryngeal massage and it's tips and benefits on the voice

6. Chinese Medicine and Essential Oils

7. Pressure points that can be used as an aid to treating and preventing vocal disorders

Have a great day, and as always I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health!

David Aaron Katz


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