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Vocal Monitoring is a must on stage; but how about off stage?

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Anyone that has performed on stage knows how important it is to have a good monitoring system to sing our very best and distinguish ourselves as vocalists by hitting every note spot on... During rehearsal I always wish I had the stage monitors from live stage to help block the ambient noise from a small rehearsal room and allow me to sing normal rather than over project or sing louder to be heard through the Speaker towers. Not only did I want a good monitoring system while singing with the band...I also wanted to hear myself when I wasn't singing with the band. For instance, during rehearsals and songwriting sessions, parts of songs are rehearsed over and over again...it may not be necessary for the singer to sing while other musicians may be working out their own parts...while this is happening I usually sat in the corner of the basement or found a quiet area to sing parts and come up with vocal arrangements while the band was trying things in the other room. I trust that I am not alone with how frustrating this can be. It is very difficult to concentrate let alone hear your own voice.

Vocal Monitoring is equally important off stage as it is on stage for me.... The hands work as a personal Monitor...I discovered that materials such as metal, plastic, wood or any other solid surface has a more reflective quality than a hand...Your hand absorbs some of the sound...The problem with using your hands is that they are not always available..You may be holding lyrics or playing an instrument.

I searched and searched for an answer for personal monitoring off stage for weeks and could not find anything that met my description. I took a paper towel roll and capped the ends; bent it to a shape so t it would reach from my mouth to ear... I cut a circle out in one end and a circle out in the other end and cut a v notch a little more than a quarter of the way up the tube...I flexed the tube until it lined up with the side of my face...once I aligned the mouth opening and ear opening I taped the V notch on the tube so it would remain into a J position...It worked great so I used the tube for months...Whether using a Paper towel Roll, your hands, HearFones or a Vocal Acoustic Monitor, I believe it will help in situations when you are not hearing enough of yourself. I am a singer and I want to hear myself up close and personal all the time to capture all the finite textures and annunciations I can muster. I happen to use the Vocal Acoustic Monitor.

I would love to hear from other singers if they feel the same way.

I am a classically trained singer; I do understand that a personal monitor is not always necessary depending what type of rehearsal you are doing Singing alone on a wide open stage in an Opera House would be my only other solution to a great personal monitor..there is nothing more fulfilling than to hear your voice tickling with natural reverb from a Dome structure.


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