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Vocally Speaking. Are you Well Endowed? And if you are not, can your vocal apparatus be enhanced?

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No doubts if you have bigger rather than smaller vocal box with longer rather than shorter vocal cords, it will be that much easier for you to become a vocal performer.

Obviously the bigger car is much stronger and its engine is much bigger; so you can extract much more power from it in comparison with the smaller car. As for people, there are taller and more masculine individuals and there are shorter and skinnier ones. As a rule, the taller and more masculine person will have all of his anatomy bigger and stronger. And, conversely, the smaller petite person will not have their anatomy so present. Yes, there are exceptions of the rule, where a smaller person has a vocal anatomy and their voice bigger then they look.

So, if the smaller, petite person would like to become a singer, is that possible? The answer is, yes it is.

However, there will be much more and much harder work required realizing the future singer's dream. We would really need to stretch the related muscles to the max. That person has to have very strong back muscles which, in turn, will be supporting the lower abdominal muscles, which are responsible for the height of the sound, and the upper rib cage muscles, which are responsible for the width and the body of the sound. Also, we need to work on the facial muscles of the person and create deep enough muscle cavities, which will be able to hold the sound and resonate and amplify it to the max.

By doing so, the shorter vocal cords will become elongated, thus the singer will acquire much more range. The person with thinner, (in diameter), vocal cords will be able to beef-them-up, while the facial muscles will be really hard working in conjunction and coordination with their upper diaphragm. Yes, of course, it is a little hard to enhance a keyboard into a grand piano, so to speak.

But the singer with a smaller anatomy will still be able to enhance it to a reasonable degree via special speech and singing exercises and make the best out of their vocal instrument in spite of its size.



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