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Vocally Speaking It May Not Be a Job, But It'S Definitely Hard (Smart) Work.

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Evidently, and independently of age, social background or education, the majority of people like to sing, some of them recreationally, but a lot of them have dreams of one day becoming a professional singer/performer.

Some people think; how hard could that be?? Let's just open the mouth and produce the loud sound from the bottom of the throat and from the top of the lungs?

However, it would be easy if it wasn't so hard.

These unaware and naive people also think that the harder they push, the more they will accomplish. To their surprise, it works exactly the opposite, and sometimes those experiments produce vocal injuries, which are not always easy to reverse. For some reason the structure and the training is not recognized in the field of the voice work. If the inexperienced figure skater decides to jump triple axel without proper training, he will definitely injure himself, and will be out of commission for some time.

Needless to say, it applies to gymnastics, ballet, hockey, and other fields, which require precision. However, when people think about singing, they presume that it has to come out naturally, and without any required training. Unfortunately, some of them find out the consequences of the above, the hard way.

They are trying and trying, pushing and pushing their voices, until they cannot push any longer. Then, they begin to understand that they actually need professional vocal help. However, now, the damage done, needs to be reversed, and preferably non-surgically and naturally.

There are quite a few nasty voice disorders that may occur while singing and speaking, for that matter, incorrectly. The voice may become dry, as the vocal cords and other parts of vocal anatomy are exhausted, and that's how the growth like nodes, nodules, and polyps take place. The voice also could get trapped in the neck muscles, and that's how the muscle tension dysphonia takes place. Now, the voice is so to speak, trapped in its own jail, which is not always easy to come out of, unless you have the right combination, in a manner of speaking, which will open that lock.

If the voice drops even lower in the position, then even a nastier disorder may take place. Now we're talking about spasmodic dysphonia, which is equivalent to epilepsy, in a manner of speaking. In other words, the voice begins to spasm un-voluntarily, and thus produces a very distinct, howling sound.

The latter in the medical field, presumes to be un-curable. The only cure, the doctor's offer are Botox injections in one's neck and vocal cord

Sometimes it does help temporarily, sometimes it doesn't at all.

The actual cure, definitely, does not occur.

So, the moral of it is: do not attempt anything you do without professional expertise.

When you get professional coaching and guidance, you might find that it is not a job, of course, but it is hard and smart work, which involves a lot of components outside of the actual voice. In order to produce the desirable results, the whole human being has to be, so to speak, scanned. When I do my work, I go as far, as the childhood, upbringing, social background, and many other important components, which will definitely be reflected in one's voice. I said it many times before, that the voice is an identification of which you are, and a reflection of the state of your being.

Therefore, if you're only working on the voice, you're only working on the surface, which means the results will be shallow, and most likely not accountable for. If you work on the human being as a whole, and on each and every component of his physicality, and spirituality, the voice will reflect the depth, and the uniqueness of one's personality. Needless to say, that the tone of the voice will become distinct and with the signature. It is after all, an integration and synergy, nevertheless, a marriage between the mental, spiritual, physiological, and vocal state.

Given the above, you may probably already understand that the voice work is much more complex than screaming, screeching, and pushing from the wrong parts of the anatomy.

So work hard, but smart and you will achieve the results you've been looking for and dreaming about.



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