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Voice and Power - The Voice that Moves the Masses.

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Voice and Power

The Voice that Moves the Masses


Nwebo Niermann

Defining what role, Applied Psychosynthesis can take towards the evolution and revolution of vocal communication and its effects on society.

The voice is omnipresent, even though sometimes not audible, we still hear it in our heads. It is there.

The human voice can be seen as an amazing paradox, as an invisible omnipotent matter that one can at will, convincingly manipulate through the appliance of various laws/theories, known and unknown to persuade and direct a listeners rainbow of emotions to connect with the intent of the delivery. Studies have also shown that an ability to generally communicate effectively vocally is a prerequisite for success in almost all careers as well as social situations.

Psychosynthesis, developed by Roberto Assagioli, M.D is an approach to psychology, that embraces science and spirituality. It is concerned with the wholeness of being human but most dominantly the will, which according to Assagioli is considered as an essential function of the self and as the necessary source of all choices, decisions and engagements.

In history there have been speakers and singers, who seem to successfully sermon the masses. They are and have, all been as diverse as one can imagine, neither are all equally gifted in rhetoric and public address skills, or similarly physiologically and psychologically advantaged, nor do they have similar ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds.

The only similarity, is that, they all have a voice and possibly a well developed will that conducts the voice.

The human being has a voice energy range generally between 10Hz and 15.000 Hz. The hypothesis could also be that they share a common X factor in this voice energy spectrum. This voice energy excluding similarities in pitch, timbre or quality. All of these traits being subjective, because of cultural diversity and are so not necessarily universal but people have broken these barriers.

The will and not necessarily as in just will power, the way we know it, plays a role in successful communication. It means in psychosynthesis to have goals with valuation and motivation, Deliberation, Decision, Affirmation, Planning and Direction of the execution. Good news is that each of these aspects of the will can be developed, learnt and used through appropriate techniques.

The advantage of Psychosynthesis, is the deliberately large variety of techniques and methods that can be used within its context.

These techniques aid in the transformation, sublimation and direction of psychological energies, the strengthening and maturing of weak and underdeveloped functions, the activation of the latent potentials, the super-conscious and the arousing of latent potentialities, hence taking communication for and by the individual successfully to a new level. The words of Roberto Assagioli.

The exploration here is on, what effects future human oral communications through psychosynthesis techniques training, will have on society.

It will definitely mean embracing both the scientific and the holistic and then the making of an art of this fusion.

Can it be trained? Does talent play a roll on its effective execution? Will it change our perspective on media, performing arts, politics, government, education, business, technology and cross cultural communication, human relations on the whole?

For sure is, the person who is ultimately skilled in this art, has power.

Nwebo Niermann

Multi-Creative Psycho-Emotive Voice Coach



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