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Voice Problems. What Kind Of Impact It Makes On People Surrounding the Person With The Voice Disorder?

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Very often, I get the phone calls, (especially from the US), from the husbands or wives of the vocally effected individuals. They inquire about the Non-Surgical Voice Repair on behalf of their loved one and I, in a lot of times, am hearing and even suspecting that there is something wrong with their own voices. Since some people are not able to coherently express themselves outright at the beginning of the phone conversation, I presume that they inquire about themselves!

Of course, if I hear severe voice damage, I know that I am talking to the right person. It is quite peculiar that the spouse, with no voice problem per say, sounds like he/she has one! It seems, like when I travel to the UK, I also pick up a British accent. Also, when I receive the American clients from Buffalo New York or Texas, my Russian and Canadian accent gets mixed in with their American accent. It seems to be when one of the spouses has a voice problem and has obvious difficulty speaking, the other spouse is picking up the same manner of speech.

Once, I had a Voice Repair client who came to me from Florida; (Her video before and after my instruction is available on our website). From her own words, she was suffering with the voice damage for over 10 years and undergone 3 voice operations before she arrived to my studio She also told me that during that time, her (then 10 years old) son was born and he also was speaking with a lower, raspy voice, as he never heard his mother's real voice.

Go figure!

Remember the story about the boy named Mowgli from The Jungle Book, who was raised by a pack of wolves, and was naturally howling like them, as he had never heard the human speech. That said, it probably would make sense for both spouses, or parents and their children for that matter, to arrive for the Voice Repair sessions so that the vocally healthy person could be present, even passively, in the sessions, to also acquire back his/hers normal command of the voice.

Needless to say, people who live side by side with people with any disability are greatly affected by the situation, emotionally and otherwise. I have seen the mother, who arrived with her adult daughter from the UK, being completely distraught and hurting for her child, sitting with tears in her eyes in my studio and watching her daughter struggling with her voice.

She was obviously emotionally hurt herself, as once before, she knew that her daughter had a beautiful classical Opera voice, which was brutally ruined by an incompetent vocal instruction offered to her daughter from one of the well-known arts Colleges in Britain. So sometimes, the rehab (including the vocal problems) could be, nevertheless, administered for the whole family to at least bring back the health and harmony of all parties involved.


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