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Voice Repair for Singers: Can the Singer Get Back On His Vocal Feet? What Does It Entail?

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I would like to introduce you to one of my former voice repair clients, Davey Dee (a.k.a. David De Giuli).

David's dream always was to become a singer.

He has tried various teachers trying to learn how to sing and even went as far as Nashville.

He spent a lot of time, energy, effort and money and instead of learning how to actually sing, he ended up with the obvious voice damage.

His speaking voice was so raspy that in times it was not easy to understand what he was saying, let alone singing.

But, David was very determined to recover his voice and to become a singer.

He took quite a few hours of my instruction and consumed quite a bit of natural herbs which also played an essential role in David's voice restoration.

To date he recorded two (2) original rock songs I Got It Bad & The Other Side and just recently sent it to me.

I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Not only now he looks great, but he also sounds great!

His songs are also very catchy and well produced by a well-known Toronto producer, Mark Zubek, of ZEDD Records.

Now, my reader, before listening to David's songs, we would like you to read a post-course letter which David wrote to us describing his journey to his vocal success.

Here it is:

Davey Dee Singer/Songwriter

To Diana,

Nice to hear everything is going well with the studio! I hope everything is great with your family!! I can't deny that you put me on my way; to be able to sing for hours until I just become too tired! Something I never thought possible however believed if others can do it so can I. It took still a couple more years after seeing you to figure it out to for me I feel as you once said becoming invincible! Well, I feel like that now with my voice can't believe it. I told you before I was getting fewer sore throat infections with viruses like colds and Flu to now in the past couple of years a sore throat is something of the past, which I believe should be also marketed as a benefit I truly believe people who get sore throats are stuck in their throat constantly putting them under stress and the first exposure of a virus susceptible to infection. I am currently battling a cold but have ZERO throat symptoms to pre-Vocal Science I was the sore throat KING which you so eloquently said I was stuck in my throat! Amazing! Thank you!!!!

I don't know if I would say it took 10 hours LOL maybe for some I guess it is truly like learning how to walk all over again .I guess I feel like, now that I understand more the entire connection.Amazing how the connection works of all the moving parts, face, positioning and most important is the diaphragm control wow that was a very difficult thing to bring in.

Interesting, now that I speak sing just behind my teeth maintaining a constant diaphragmatic pressure which is now the honing of the technique to master the pressure like any wind instrument. Anyway I do want to acknowledge that if it were not for you I would have been going down the wrong path and I will always give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

Thanks again Diana you were the spark! No matter how crazy you are..LOL.



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