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Voicelessons.com - The Truth Revealed When MIKEY SAID "NO"!

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Mikey Said No

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My Music Staff Integrates Skype & Zoom

Download the PDFs Below

Print_MMS Online Teaching Checklist.pdf

Click_MMS Online Teaching Checklist.pdf


If you do not want to use Skype or Zoom, this is the best service available for offering virtual lessons.






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  • Administrator
Here is the receipt when I made the purchase.
Robert Lunte
about 4 hours ago
That is either payment for a Udemy version of my course or a monthly subscription. I would never give you the full course at this website for $20. Impossible.
Where did you originall purchase from, the "partner" I am referring to? I have to better understand this purchase.
Robert Lunte changed ticket status from Open to Solved
about 4 hours ago
Videlina Mircheva
about 1 hour ago
This is only the first payment out of 10. I’ve been charged 20$ every month for 10 months. This was the offer. I don’t know which affiliates you work with but I paid 200$ in total. I have bank statements. This money was paid to "THE VOCALIST STUDIO RANCHO CUCAM US”. I had access to my account and I had no problems till now. Please, check what’s going on because I’ve paid for the whole course, not for some subscription. You can easily check the payments from Videlina Mircheva started in April 2019 if you want.
Ticket status changed from Solved to Open
about 1 hour ago
Videlina Mircheva
about 1 hour ago
I bought it from TVS website, not from Udemy.
Robert Lunte
less than a minute ago

There was an individual, actually the owner of this company, 
www.voicelessons.com, who was my partner for a short period of time. He created bots inside my website and sold my courses without me having any control over them. He turned out to be dishonest, a real asshole that was taking advantage of me. The guys name is Mike Elson, this is a video I made of him.

This is the guy that created that $20 offer that you purchased, inside MY website, that I had no control over. 

THAT is what this is. ".... RANCHO CUCAM US"? That isn't me. That is the town in California where he lives. https://www.cityofrc.us/  . I live in Ketchum, Idaho and lived in Seattle at the time.

I eventually caught on and realised he is actually a creep and kicked him out of my website. It was happening without me knowing about it.
He essentially hijacked my website, which I was foolish enough to give him access to because I trusted him, and he then proceeded to sell my course behind my back, secretly with bots, and didn't pay me for it.

When I moved to the new website, it cut off his scheme.

That money went to him I think.

Here is the course for free in the new system. Just create a new account.


Sorry for the inconvenience.
You should be taken care of now.

Coach Robert
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