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Wear a fitting microphone

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Have you ever been to a performance and felt like you want to abandon your ticket because the performer had an ill-fitting microphone?

Far too many times performers seem at a loss as to whether to eat or spit their microphones. Just as it is with any part of your stage attire, try the outfit and see if it works for your performance. Ask those with specific experience and jot down all feedback. Decide what you are comfortable with and go for it!

Going for microphones with personality is everything. Your vocal impression is everything. Imagine an annoying telemarketer, even if you are not interested in buying what he or she sells, a beautiful tone will at least last you that phone call. A cracking microphone will get chairs sqeaking in the middle of your performance. A bipolar piece that goes in and out thrughout a song or recital will leave you with a big demand for refunds. That is why most people not only indulge in voice enhancing instruments, but also find them a necessity.

Purchasing a high quality microphone, or speakers is a must to preserve a good reputation and to keep the voice for much longer. Not every voice can withstand high pitches without severe damage, and because you are not sure whether or not you are at risk until after the fact, enhancing your voice now to persuade regrets is not a bad idea.


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