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What makes a vocal performance memorable and how to get there from here.

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A great vocalist, much like a great actor, uses his or her voice to convey emotion in order to draw their audience in. It's this conveyance of feeling that often separates the average performer from the superstar. Without it, you may as well just be singing scales or reciting names from a phone book. Too many singers these days are out to impress you with their ability to hit a multitude of notes within the first few verses of a song. But if there's no personal connection or feeling behind the vocal, it all gets very boring very quickly. A solid performance becomes memorable once it touches a nerve or a universal emotion in it's target audience. Once that hook is set, the crowd is yours.

So don't worry if your range isn't that of Mariah Carey or Freddie Mercury. Keep focused on the basic melody and, most importantly, infuse it with some heartfelt emotion and you'll be way ahead of the game.


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