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Your Vocal Ideal

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By public opinion your voice will always be too big, too small, too much vibrato, not enough vibrato, singing too much, not singing enough, too light, too dark, too harsh, too smooth , too operatic, not operatic enough etc lol This is something anyone singing for any length of time will notice. The truth is they don't know what they are looking for and change their minds with the wind. I cite Simon Cowell for American Idol stating on Idol that Operatic was out, but on the UK version of the show he not only loved the tenor who sang an Aria, That Tenor won the season. So it is all a matter of where,when, how and to whom your singing to. Most of the current pop, rock, metal singers, if they were placed in the 1930's, wouldn't be called singers, they would be called vulgar. Had grunge singers come out in the 60's they would have been considered too harsh. Metallica was considered too heavy for top 40 ,but by thrash standards, they're light. Ultimately YOU WILL HAVE TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO TO WANT TO CONTINUE DOING IT! it takes time and maintenance and if you are singing what you do not like it will get old quick. We all want to be liked and appreciated,but ultimately you can not please everyone. Know thyself is not only a general rule in Spiritualism it is a requirement for the Singer. When you know who you are as a Vocalist/Artist regardless of genre. You will learn to brush aside ignorant comments and be the best at what you do. I find this most amusing. The greatest complaint against me I've received is too much vibrato and the same time the greatest compliment I get is nice vibrato. at first, this caused me confusion and I was always trying to suppress for one crowd while enhancing it for another. Ultimately I now just use it as it is naturally produced without helping it and without diminishing it intentionally. I smirk inwardly at the mention of Vibrato.

I feel I have to add this for clarification. You should be able to change things for a particular character, part or effect. That's part of the craft. But if your Pavorotti you should not be expected to sound like Tina Turner. Ignorant fans of one particular style or sound will always try to compare you to what they like and discount all else. Get used to it and shrug it off.


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