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Music Gateway Interview With Jon Skinner

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Recently a new platform for music professionals called Music Gateway was launched. Music Gateway is a business platform connecting music professionals from around the globe in one simple, easy to use website. It's not so much a LinkedIn of the music industry as a complete collaboration solution where you can post and receive projects and collaborate on them in a secure environment.

If you are looking for ways to find paid session work or find new talent to collaborate with beyond your direct network, Music Gateway might be just the thing you need. You can reach out o n a global scale and provide your services to other professionals, equally you can hire & source other music pro's and develop your career with feedback following each project. Your profile acts as a portfolio for other users to review.

Interview With Jon Skinner, Managing Director Music Gateway


To find out more about Music Gateway and how it could benefit individual musicians, we met up with Jon Skinner, Managing Director of Music Gateway and initiator of the platform.

Q: Tell our audience something about yourself and your personal relation to music and the music industry

My name is Jon Skinner, I have been in the industry since 1987, so getting on f or 27 years. Very similar to most people's stories, music at an early age was a passion and I got a drum kit when I was 6 years old. I've always had a good ear for music and was so lucky that the DJ's around where I lived as a teenager introduced me to Motown, Northern Soul, Two Tone and a wide variety of musical styles.

When hop hip and break dance broke in 1983, I was hooked and started buying underground records & US imports from the states, those were special times for me. As far as Industry goes, I set up my own independent record shop in 1991 and I never looking back.

Q: What made you decide to start Music Gateway?

My experiences in the industry became the backbone of the system, it was very clear to me that there was this big hole in the industry regarding the connection between all the creation roles, especially on a global scale. I've felt the pain & struggled through that journey, I know the pitfalls and barriers people face and still face to this day. For me, Music Gateway is about empowering people to A&R their own projects, as relying on others most of the time doesn't work.

Q: What sets Music Gateway apart from social media platforms targeted at musicians?

First and foremost we aren't a social media platform, this is a fundamental point. We are strictly a business to business website and you only make a connection to another user if there is a purpose, a goal and end result for your recording. You don't built up followers or connections, we are about generating work and connecting professionals to the right people and their music projects.

Q: Can you explain how music gateway will be a unique service especially for singers?

Producers need singers, singers need producers. The key issue is finding the right person who is first of all, like-minded musically, and can work either to your budget or wants to co-write and or collaborate with you. Music Gateway is a targeted way of connecting to the right person for your project.

You can receive work opportunities free of any charge, we only charge a fee if you receive paid work or a meaningful connection to another pro.

Furthermore, reaching out to other singers, songwriters and professionals is essential to learn and develop your experience and skills in the industry. Finally, it's important that people understand we are in the bu siness of music and therefore if you are new to the industry you need help, guidance & support, this is what we offer.

Q: You have received support for Music Gateway from many big names in the music industry. What is it you think that won them over? How did they respond when you first contacted them?

The main response has been, wow OK it's so simple why didn't I think of it? I think there will have been hundreds of people who have had the same idea, that's the easy bit, the hard bit is developing such a system, which handling transactions, files and pretty complex functionality in the backend, whilst keeping it ultra simple for the users.

In a word 'Unique'. We are the only website which is focused on the creative process, hooking up like-minded musicians on a global scale. We are a very clear benefit to the industry as a whole and this is why I believe we have received so much support from the core industry organizations.

Q: Tell us something about the technology behind the platform and how it sets you apart from other platforms?

We are very functional, it's about project management and allowing anyone on the site to Post a Project defining their need. When you create a project, you can define what it is you want to get done or who you want to reach out to, for example as a singer, you may want to connect with a producer to record a song, or look to hire a remixer to remix an existing song. You may need a song from a songwriter or seek to co-write with a musician. The options are endless.

Equally, when you set up your profile and define your skills, we notify you of relevant projects which you can review and decide to PITCH (apply) for the work, this whole process and project management is unique.

When a project starts the users are granted access to a workspace area, which is where you can manage your project files, this makes it easy to manage any project with anyone in the world, with message systems for communication and timeline feedback on audio files.

Q: What is it about the unique community of singers at The Modern Vocalist World that interests you?

Having spoken at length with Robert the founder and reviewing the resources on the website, it's clear that there is a great community of singers engaging through the forum and seeking advice & support. We feel that Music Gateway compliments the site perfectly, as we are focused on session work and music creation, which is a natural progression for anyone new to the world of singing and the industry.

Q: Last but not least: why do you feel individual musicians should sign up for Music Gateway? What are the direct benefits?

It's free for starters, it's free to pitch for project work and free to receive work opportunities. If you want to further your career, receive targeted and relevant work based on your skills, there is no other website like Music Gateway.

For protection, you can manage any client work via the site and receive secure payments through the system and your account wallet. Reaching out and developing your own projects is fundamental if you are going to get ahead in the industry, staying local all the time, doesn't cut it anymore, you have to look further afield and work on a global scale.

We only make a charge if you benefit through project work, so it's 100% fair.

Without question Music Gateway has just shifted the power to the independent and helps remove industry barriers,

register for free and create a Music Gateway Account.


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