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Superior Vocal Health: Vocal Health With An Herbal Twist Review

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Keeping Your Voice In Shape With Superior Vocal Health Products

While there is certainly no miracle solution for inflamed vocal chords or exhausted muscles I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks using a series of herbal vocal health products from Superior Vocal Health with interesting results. Here the saying you can't polish a turd holds true- that is there is only so much you can do with a vocal performance that is pitchy, raspy, or otherwise just plain tired and overworked. With all the cool new toys coming out for vocalists lately it's easy to sometimes get lulled into the mindset of  my "XXXX" vocal processor can make me sound like a god. Admittedly they can help  but there are limitations, those being your physical health, technique and overall vocal health.  A tired body, lousy te chnique or tired voice won't make for a good performance. The former two are completely in your control but what about a sick or otherwise overworked voice?   

Superior Vocal Health Products: A Full Vocal Care Solution

As vocalists we have all experimented around with different concoctions in hopes of finding one that works the best. Personally I have tried all varieties of throats sprays, gargles, teas, as well as various types of alcohol with varying effectiveness.  Whiskey is my pick in case you were curious.  Others try more non conventional things: Chris Cornell likes to chain smoke before hand so it gives him his signature vocal rasp.  Vanessa Williams eats potato chips prior to a performance because it imparts an extra vocal sizzle.  It all can be summed up into one part science, one part voodoo and one part placebo which I might add is a real effect that has been proved in clinical studies. David Katz of Superior Vocal Health offers a twist in that his products are meant to be used as a full vocal health care solution used together instead of a single stand-alone product.

Meet Superior Vocal Health Founder: David Katz


Boys and girls meet David Katz,  founder of Superior V ocal Health. Mr. Katz is a veteran of the voice profession with more than 22 years performing internationality in Opera, Broadway and popular music.  During that time he has also worked as a voice coach, nutritional consultant and herbalist with his primary focus on vocal health. Superior Vocal Health is the culmination of over 10 years of research towards finding a solution to keeping vocal chords in optimal health-even during the most demanding of times.  From his own personal experience David has created Superior Vocal Health as a way to share his findings and help other vocalists maintain optimal vocal health.


Superior Vocal Health: The Product Range Lineup



Superior Vocal Health: Throat Saver Spray

The Superior Vocal Health Throat Saver spray according to the documentation  is a product designed to keep the throat and vocal chords moist as well as break up nasal secretions at the back of the throat. Out of the 3 products I had at my disposal this ended up being my go-to bottle due to the convenience of the spray which was easy to pack around to rehearsals. I found the throat spray when used in conjunction with regular sips of mildly warm tap water throughout a rehearsal to be quite effective in keeping my vocal chords well lubricated for the duration of even the most intensive session.  While I was a bit vocally tired after the session my voice still sounded strong and I didn't have to work as hard to overcome the dryness that usually comes after a long set. I also liked that after using it the spray seemed to actually coat the throat for sometime afterwards before dissipating which reduced the need t o overuse the product.  In addition the taste is actually quite palatable.  The best I can describe it is peppermint-like with a hint of ginger. Overall the Uperior Health Throat Saver spray is a well thought out product that works well to maintain an already healthy voice when used in conjunction with proper technique and normal hydration.

Superior Vocal Health: Vocal Rescue Gargle

On to the second product in the lineup - Vocal Rescue gargle.  Let's say you've been sick or have managed to already overwork your voice but you've still got to perform. That's where the gargle comes into play. Initially, I was a bit skeptical of a product promising to bring back to life an already dead voice. In fact the first few times I used the product on an already healthy voice it actually seemed to have the opposite effect by causing my vocal folds to become slightly irritated and feel more constricted.  As a result, the Vocal Rescue gargle sat unused on the counter for a week or two until one evening where I was working on a particularly challenging track that essentially stays pegged up in the G4-C5 range the entire 3 1/2 minutes. As as a leggerio tenor with my break sitting right at A4/B4 the entire song weaves in an out of belt/head voice so it's a bit of a workout. Nothing I can't handle but doing the same song over an over again can start to wear.  Finally after the 4th pass through my technique started to slip thus my voice started to become rather tired-enough to have to stop.  I needed to finish the track that evening so  immediately I mixed up a glass of warm water and put in 2 droppers worth of Vocal Rescue.  After gargling for approximately 30 seconds I decided to give the track another shot. Suprisingly I had about 95% of my voice back --enough to finish the track.  The combination of licorice root, ginger and other proprietary ingredients had a rather profound effect on bringing my voice back.  This is quite honestly the first product I've found to be this effective in restoring a very overworked voice to serviceable condition.  


Superior Vocal Health: Sinus Clear Out

The final product in the Superior Vocal Health series was the Sinus Clear Out.  There's nothing worse during a performance that suffering from congested sinuses.  I typically find when working late into the evening that sometimes this happens to me and not only does it effect how you breath but your sound as well which is simply not acceptable.  Sinus Clear Out promises to address this.  So how does it work?  Actually rather well.  Over the course of the testing weeks I did not ever have a full blown cold with severe congestion but I did find it to work well for mild congestion issues.  Similar to the Vocal Rescue it uses a dropper but instead of gargling Sinus Clear Out is intended to be dropped directly on the back of your tongue.  There you let it sit for a few seconds while inhaling the vapors, then swallow.  While it is fairly effective I tended to only use it when absolutely necessarily due to the taste which is a bit harsh and during the first few uses led me to feel a bit nauseous for the first few minutes after use.

WRAP UP: Herbal Goodness, Naturally

Overall the Superior Vocal Health product lineup brings to the table an innovative take on herbal vocal health care solutions by offering a one-stop complete suite of products for the typical vocal health issues we as vocalists deal with every day. SVH uses all natural FDA certified herbal ingredients backed by a manufacturing process that does not contain any chemicals or alcohol.  As with any herbal supplement you should check the label before using to ensure you do not have any existing allergies and as always use in moderation.  When used along with proper technique I would have no problem recommending you give Super Vocal Health a try if you are aiming to be on top of your vocal game 100% of the time.

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Review by Travis North

*This product review is a courtesy of The Modern Vocalist World and is endorsed by The Vocalist Studio International.



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