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  2. Hello, fellow performers, fans and students! I've launched a video series for the solo singing guitarist, both professional and hobbyist, who'd like to know how another soloist goes about his work in rehearsal. The series takes the viewer through the determinations I make for each song I include in my repetoire. I'll cover topics such as choice of key, feel, meaning, vocal delivery, rehearsal and more. Click here for the first episode: Episode 1 on Vimeo Episode 1 on YouTube In music & mirth, Richie Kaye Richie Kaye Website BLAST-OFF!
  3. Hey Felipe I tried but I can't join somehow I get an error
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  6. Join us on the messenger groups! I think you would love it
  7. I disagree. I think it sounds pretty much straight. I record into my phone and it amazes me how good it turns out, too. I prefer to hear singers perform like this guy because it is more real representation of their real talent. Studio is fine for releasing a CD. I have seen/heard some amazing vocals through a cell phone recording.
  8. Well it may be unintended, but there is a huge amount of compression/limiting (even clipping) happening in this clip, very audible specially on the chorus, also low/high pass filtering. It´s much more lo-fi than it is a realistic picture of how it was sounding live there, which are expected aspects of recording with a phone or cheap camera. Which is not to say that it isn´t really good, love the power.
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