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  2. So, I am a rather young baritone/bass (depends who you ask) and I'm just trying to sound better singing my favorite songs. However, I don't really have the range to sing most of them, and I want to fix that lol. I feel like I have 3 modes that I can sing in, but 1 of them is unusable, and that happens to be the one in the range that I'm looking to use. I'll start with range, my comfy chest voice on a normal day is around D2 - D4 and I can occasionally get that pesky E4 on good days. My head voice on a good day can get up to F5 and can be taken down to around C4 ish. Now, the fun thing is
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  5. um i can sing up to an F#5 in chest voice and i am 14 years old and a boy, so I have probably finished puberty. it kind of sounds like yelling though lmao. but D5 would be very comfortable. i have gotten used to singing male songs an octave up cuz i cannot sing low at all.
  6. um i am in the same boat as him but i realized i was singing the male singer's songs an octave higher. those constant F#5s required some yelling lmao.
  7. um it is not too hard. you just have to sing a bit open and loud to get out the upper range notes. it works for me. i am one of the lucky males who just has a naturally higher voice. only problem is I cannot sing lower than F3 which really sucks. but I can push out an F5 with significant power in chest voice. bruno never seemed like a problem to me. he sings pretty comfortable. but i am 13 so im not sure my voice has even starting to drop.
  8. Agree with Andreas, its pretty well in tune, just minor issues related to you singing quietly etc. Dont think pitchiness will be much of a problem for you.
  9. Coach Robert, are u still doing youtube videos?  I haven't seen anything new in awhile.  I always enjoy them and find them helpful.

    I can't afford the course at the moment so I always look forward to the youtube teachings.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Thank you. I will do more in the future, however I have backed off for a while. I am rebuilding TVS into a marketplace of TVS courses from many coaches and a new membership service.

      I am also building this new business, www.coursecreek.com.

      You said you enjoy my YouTube videos because you can't afford to purchase my courses. Exactly my point... I need to make a living. YouTube does not make money. It feels like a drain of time and energy. I just can't make it a priority.

      Btw, I have a huge TVS course available here for $9 to $20... great deal.





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  10. Hello, fellow singers! Here is my next cover: If you like what you see, please share and like the video, and subscribe to my channel! Thank you all.I hope you enjoy!
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