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  2. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/25/960299623/voice-author-explores-accents-language-and-what-makes-a-tone-sexy
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  5. Hello Ville, I listened to both tracks and I actually love your voice in regards to the color of you voice. You have a lovely sound to your voice. Voice training is a good idea for you, you can make this voice really gorgeous with training. On the second link, if you want to sing those high notes better, you have to train the musculature and motor skills to do it. I recommend this course I produced that will give you workouts that will help you to do exactcly that. https://bit.ly/BeltingInTheHeadVoice2 Of course you can sing an A4. I promise you, you can...
  6. Hello! I've been singing for 3 years now. I've heard I'm a tenor but I cant sing anything above f#4 and make it sound good. I really want to be able to sing a little higher than that. Here are two links to my singing. In the first one im singing something pretty easy for me and the second one is waaay above my comfort zone (and it sounds like shit). Do I have any chance ever to be singing even an A4? https://vocaroo.com/12fLMkOVzOaT https://vocaroo.com/18qRz8GdqUhg
  7. I would say that talking about fach just confuses people in the beginning? Beginners need to find out their natural voices and what they are good at and not so good at. On certain forums you find beginners who ask if they are a dramatic tenor or some kind of baritone. To me this is not very helpful at all. It takes time to find out who you are when it comes to the voice. In my case I am a higher tenor. My teachers says that I am a tenor1. All we beginners need to know is bassically what range we have and how we need to train our voices. You really only know your fach when you have practiced
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  10. Where is moderator?? It is important. Thank.
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  12. Place a vise in a strategic spot and tighten until you reach those notes.
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  14. I sang Take me to Church on an app today. I have a terrible time memorizing lyrics and the way the lyrics play on the app throws me off. I need to memorize the lyrics. But I struggle. I could not sing the high part of this song as easily as I can now. Although it sounds like I am straining (maybe I am) I can do this all day long now. For some reason I saw a singer, Sam Ryder, and I noticed how he moved while singing and it made something click. It looked as if he was using his whole body to ‘push’ or otherwise place notes in the correct place. I tried it and could sing the higher parts of
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  16. Hello! I’m a guitarist that’s looking to be able to hold a tune while accompanying myself on the guitar. I’m brand new to singing and I’m looking for help on where to get started with improving before I potentially invest in a vocal coach. I have attached (hopefully) a YouTube video of me singing Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ while accompanying myself on the guitar. Please critique absolutely everything and don’t hold back. Lay into how bad it is as long as I can get some advice on how to improve from it. I have no idea about my voice type, my range or anything. I’m a
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  18. Greetings everyone! I'm new to this forum, so I don't know if this is the place for singing reviews. If it isn't, I'll delete this post! I've been studying singing for a year now, so I wanted to get some feedback on my voice...points to improve, which are probably a lot! hahahah Anyway, here are a few songs I've recorder here. I record in my apartment, using a sE Electronics V7 dynamic microphone, since there's no acoustic treatment here. https://soundcloud.com/lalves91/radiohead-creep-cover https://soundcloud.com/lalves91/rem-losing-my-religion-cover https
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