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  3. Hi! I'm a 22 years old male and have I think a low baritone voice. When I try to go through my entire vocal range this is what I feel happens: I start of in my chest voice and around A3-D4 my voice flips or kind of transitions into a very breathy head voice, I think it's falsetto. Then at around C5-E5 my voice stops and if i try to push more it's just air and no sound. I know I have what feels like another "register" that I sometimes can get into, that dosen't feel as breathy that spans from around F#5-C6 and up to F6 on good days. But it's really hard for me to get into this "register". I'll attach a sound file where I do lip rolls and in the first one I manage to get into this "voice", up to a A5, where in the others it's the same as usual. Anyone that struggles with the same and/or have any tips about this? liproll.mp3
  4. lissa

    No warm up

    For singers, always keep in mind that you’re your instrument and an appropriate warm-up is part of routine instrument maintenance. A vocalist must warm-up the same guitarist tunes before playing.
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  6. Hello, fellow singers! My next cover is you like it, please share the video and subscribe to my channel! Thank you all.I hope you enjoy!
  7. Sounds real good to me. The hard work is paying off.
  8. Hi guys, I have been following many methods and Rob was one of the first guys that got my attention on the internet so I decided to come over here and share my first 2 videos on youtube. I started practicing 3 years ago and I was unable to imagine that I would one day share my voice with public so I practiced in car or forest or in an empty buildings . But I thought that the time has come to get my ass to the studio and share the partial success I got from my practice. I know it is a long road still and I am not gonna stop now - I will continue practicing everyday to get my voice to the top level. So here are my two precious things
  9. Part of getting someones singing "style" is hearing the personality and demeanor (the type of person being presented). It can be like acting. Hank whines about things and is depressed. Merle is matter of fact, authoritative. Lefty is like the smooth talking lady's man or a car dealer trying to convince you that his car is the one you want to buy. There is a kind of Swagger in his voice, Smoothly sliding from note to note and maybe drawing them out a little at the end.
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