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  2. Please let me know your thoughts :-) Thanks :)))))))))
  3. Please let me know your thoughts :-) Thanks :)))))))))
  4. Judging by what is happening in the world, for today's mind set, you are correct. Facts have nothing to do with truth and opinions and feelings govern reality. Just like everything else, this to will pass. After the train wrecks, the railroad will be rebuilt.
  5. same shit as the harmony forum infact what we are or wear seeing hear was or is a mirrow image of the harmoney forum Where over there it was me SLM and CD only bothering to contribute as opposed to hear its me SLM and MD
  6. sound in tack to me, but I am unformilier of the original to be able to compare it (even though its a famus singer)
  7. vocal mode petogogy MD is a thing of the past! Its now egos and X factor and remember to burn those 400 year old books past down from grampar to grampar as silly old nonsense
  8. forget it silly knocker! its just another 5 minute dream-trip-shit-fk-wit on a walter mitty do dar foolling ones ego, never to be seen hear/ of again They are all the same weather its hear, harmony central, computer generated game of redit or what ever they call that place, or the jimmyshitforbrains club or They are never going to make tuppence ha'penny headway out of the job ladee! because this is no way to run a business; remember!
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  10. Hi, I noticed that this was written 4 years ago but I thought I would write anyways. I am a singer and I always get hiccups after practicing with my band-mate. They tend to be harder hiccups than I get at other times and sometimes my diaphragm seems to be more agitated even the next day. Holding my breath usually works or sometimes I have to put downward pressure on my diaphragm while holding my breath to get rid of difficult hiccups. I asked my voice teacher and he had never heard of it. We are usually having a glass of wine and having a good time chatting too. I think I do tend to sing harder when I am with her. I also noticed that I get hiccups sometimes when I am just having lively conversations at a party or dinner. I am thinking it has something to do with using the diaphragm in a more forceful way than I usually do. I do also have GERD and asthma and I think these things may all be related somehow.
  11. Is this thread backwards? I'll just wait for the opening post.
  12. MDEW


    The issue that is not solved or resolved is why you would post a subject Titled "Solved" and have the only word in the post as "resolved". This mystery is not as yet "Solved" or "resolved". Now that you have made a "Post" I wonder if you will "Repost" a response.
  13. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Listen to All I Ask by Adele (COVER) by Bay_Harbor_Butcher_4 on #SoundCloud
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  15. So, what are your thoughts? Would you rather have someone guide you in singing by saying things like Bring the sound forward, feel the tone going through the top of your skull, or say things like "You are swallowing your tongue," Dampen the Larynx(a slightly downward and backward pressure on the larynx), Lift your soft palate". Do you know what any of these things do to the sound of your voice?
  16. Although nobody else seems interested, I would like to hear your thoughts on the anatomy involved in singing. Maybe you have some insights that have been overlooked.
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