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  3. lol yes the threads were bellow my noble lineage :P. Nah truth is that this last year was very... fun hehe, lot's of things happening, I am a father again and I was just spreading myself very thin, many things were just neglected (my Youtube for example haha).
  4. It's so sad... André died 2 weeks ago, age 47, victim of a heart attack. He was back performing with Shaman and there was a serious possibility of a come back with the old Angra bandmates... RIP, he was one of my main inspirations to study/train singing. :(
  5. I am more of a 60s and 70s rocker. I like the blues also. Whether they would sell in a pub or not depends on the pub. They would not go over too well in my area. But in the right place....Who knows?
  6. ow sorry, I miss judged you due to your image in your photo LOL Do you think they will sell in a pub?
  7. I could not judge someone else's set list. Tastes in music can be so different. I only know of a few of those songs.
  8. I think the jean of music will be the same in any native English speaking country What do you think of this for a set list?
  9. Im not sure what you are asking, if you dont feel any strain then dont worry about it
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    Hey guys, quick question. I feel like i can hit notes wenn i sing on aroud c 4. But it just feels not natural. Wenn i get behind the kwys or guitar i want to sing way higher (i remember even as a kid i did this) i never really got into it thought because i thought i first want to learn tje "proper way" but since it feels super naturali (even though i sound like a woman) when i go higher im thinking about focuaing on that for a while. Would you recommend that or could i do some serious damage to my voice and yhis is just a common beginners mistake? Lemme know Thanks daniel
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  12. I would not know. Around here you have several different Bars/pubs in a small area. Each of these enjoy there own type of music. I am on the eastern central part of the US. Some prefer 60s through 70s rock, some prefer older country music, some prefer newer country and some prefer heavier music or progressive. Mostly what I would do is go to the pubs and see what kind of music they are playing when there is no band and listen to some of the bands to see what they play. If you hear nothing but the same songs being player over and over again....that is the style of music preferred. Learn some of the songs played in that pub. How do I find your video? To be honest, if I listen to your video or your song I will tell you about flaws I hear. If I think it sounds bad I will tell you that and I will tell you why. You will think I am a ruddy bastard if I find flaws and I am honest about it. And If I like it I will tell you that also. Yes and I still sounded bad in other places and was told about those. And I changed things and worked on a few other things and re posted. Again I made improvements that could be heard. It is a process not a few tips and you are able to sing opera and get standing ovations. Record honest with yourself....and make changes..... repeat as necessary. I work on songs and listen for the flaws. I do not just listen for what sounds good. I listen for what sounds bad and then make them sound better. It is an ongoing process.
  13. I do remember you uploading a song thet you did before and after training and there was a noticable difference in the pitch
  14. No I don't have anything hear for review, but another person was happy to talk to me online especially about open mic nights and he goes on them any night he is not gigging. But as soon as I sent him an email asking some stuff and sharing some info I had about how I made my show case youtube video he no longer answers my emails. Soon as they hear you perform that is when they snub at you. I have no friends in music because they all snubbed at me which makes it impossible to find my feet in this job and where to sell myself
  15. Do you have a song here for review? And yes, What sounds wrong will be pointed out. That is what a review is for. It is not to pat you on the back if it sounds off in some way.You improve by finding and fixing problems. There are plenty of people who think/know they sound good and just get mad if you try to help by pointing out flaws. You get pats on the back after flaws are pointed out and progress begins. That is the way it works. Another point to make about singing in pubs is that the people in the pubs usually have a certain type of music they enjoy. I have been playing in VFW's and Legion halls. These are for Veterans and locals who live in the area. At first the people just stared at us with bewilderment. After a while one of the people blurted out that they do not listen to that type of music here. We were playing blues and soft southern rock. After we changed to playing Old Hank Williams, John Denver and Merle Haggard they started to love us and asked us back. Some times it is not about how you sound but what you are singing. Playing and singing Dio, Aerosmyth, and Queensryche or Iron Maiden would have gotten us thrown out never to return. Being tactful also goes a long way. People pretty much get pissed at you if you call them ruddy bastards and dickheads. So far that is all you have been calling people here. People snub me too and that is their problem not mine. I come from a family of singers, none of them have taken lessons and they sound pretty good. I used to get the same snubbery even by family members. I would mention wanting to sound better at singing and they would always say that I sounded good but would get other members of the family to sing rather than me. No one could tell me why I did not sound as good singing as the others, they would just say some people have a unique voice. Which is true, but that was not the problem. When I came to this forum and submitted a song for review, people respected me and singing enough to tell me the truth and to give reasons why it sounded bad. That is what I needed. I did not need a pat on the back for having the courage to post a song that I thought sounded good. I needed to hear that it did in fact sound bad and why. Now I am singing in Pubs and having strangers tell me I sound good.
  16. I found myself an open mic on the out skirts of town that ran one every once a month on a Saturday night. No thanks to there snooty little gang though! Well when I got there, got talking to one of the big chiefs who performs there regularly, we had a nice friendly little chat really, he said when I get a job on I just hire a basset and a drummer we don't rehurs or anything. Then its my turn up on stage. Afterwards we soon left did not say buy buy to me or anything (how rude!) Anyway I turned up there next month, and there he was, and the faceall expression was that same as the other dickhead marc Gallagher. He walked passed me and he may as well stamped his feet and snooted his noise up in the air as he walked pass, coz that was his body language. So whats a working musicians with all these big jobs on that don't need to rehurs doing in an open mic on a Saturday night ay! Anyway the open mic host had me sit there for 2 hours and at the end of it he never bothered telling my we don't have time for you, I caused a fuss in the pub enough for the whole pub to see as I wish I had punched him in the mouth now
  17. Sorry late night beer rant last night! No I can't play an instrument well enough, but what would you end up doing busking on the streets or something, coz there the same crowd of snooty ass holes that turn up in the open mic bars late on after to congratulate them self for a free drink Hear is something I wrote on another forum not so long ago As soon as you perform they turn nasty on you. and I can tell you there was a lot of this going on and a lot of this too Not with the people that came out for a drink though, they thought it was a good show.. But considering there where more muppit musicians then paying public there (which is normal for an open mic night), consider it a bad job! and bad word goes around town very fast You see they run little gangs, well they would have to, to make an open mic night work. Say you host an open mic every Monday night, well you need people to turn up and play don't you, so you get your friends that host open mics on the remaining days of the week. i.e Tue Wen Thu. And by doing my act (as described above) I had stepped on the tows of one of the city's biggest music gangs. My appearance at further open mic nights was dulled down considerably, but they still remember the costume. I asked one of the big chiefs twice if he was related to the Gallagher brothers, you know same town/ city a lot of surnames get carried around, and being musicians them self's too. His answer was not a lot, don't know he said, did not want to talk about it, went very quiet Well I don't know make your own judgment up from it, is there some kind of bitter resentment going on from this that only muppit musicians portray (as I described in my previous post too). Or is he too much of a to associate him self with that side of the family Anyway, further more this character (who I linked a photo above). I asked him if he knew of any open mic nights on a Friday that he knew of, and he said don't know of any you see most musicians are working on a Friday night, and at this point I could not help myself by cracking up in laughter and falling on the floor Yep back to this again
  18. Can you play any instruments? I am not just being a jerk. The reason I ask is that, If you do play an instrument and sing, forget about finding a band that is looking for a singer. As you said they already have the 50 songs that they can play. Sing the songs that you sing and accompany yourself with the instrument you play. The reason for this is that if you are good or sound good, other musicians will ask you if they can join you. You are right , most of the musicians playing in bars will continue to play in bars and be in local bands. They have to work for a living and probably do not have time to learn new songs or really work on their singing or instrument playing. Those to whom music IS there job will realize that they have to keep improving and learning new songs to get better and better jobs, They will practice and they will take lessons so they can play 5 nights a week at 4 hours per gig without damaging themselves. Not to mention the 2 hour set up time and the tear down time and driving. One 4 hour gig is really an 8 hour job. You get more money working at McDonald's than you do being a musician and playing in a bar. My advise to getting back at these types of jerks is not by wasting your own time bashing them but by training yourself and improving and singing for other people. Do the thing that they keep talking about. And smile to yourself knowing that you succeeded where they failed. Bashing other people just makes you look bad, and they do not care anyway.
  19. So why would they bother with a review my singing forum then? You call the musisions but I call them muppit musisions because they dont bother train study practice they have the natural ner ner (in there little hive mids) to pull it off with out training (and we are not just talking about singing hear MD). But when someone better comes along for the obvius reasons and out performs then, its noses up toys out of the pram and jellus little didums jobs, or if they can pull it off! you suck you are a sad little looser now pack it all in silly little man before you make a fool out of your self! Those ass holes are not the general public! those ass holes are 99.8% of musisions... let me explain.... My experance while looking at join a band is; I found that 99% of them where just complet time wasting tyre kicking bastards with nothing better to do with there sad little lives then spend the time on the internet critasizing and condeming the hard work of other in the message of you suck you are a sad little losser...ect, ect, But in that 1%. 49% of them who play music and get paid to do it are the sort of thoses you see playing the big man on open mic night (look at atar shit for barains ant he so naturaly tallenrted and giffted up his own ass) playing in the 200 quid a night prat bands that work from a concencered set list of about 50 songs, beacuse remember now folks there are only about 50 songs in the world now and these 200 quid a night prat bands know them all How is this we ask??? becuae bands form and split up in a particular aera and reform in the same area and drag along the same songs into the next band that they join. songs like road houes blues come together and rolling stones bolex. To be frank these are simple little songs, east to play and sing, no upbeat 120BPM+ get them out of the chains and on the dance floor up dancing, no great singing ranges or nothing. Just the audiance sat therere nodding there heads left to right as they play the songs. But when it comes to auditioning for them, its jam in the rehersal room coz they dont know what a proper audition is remember, they play there simple little (50) songs and you are supposed to know and sing them off by heart and if you cant (never mind you have never heared the songs before in your life!) then it means you suck you are a sad lttle.... ect ect, because in there mind thay are the only songs that exist! but whern you play one of your songs though the mic, the fat controler (drummer, or who ever ells is incharge) put his hand up in the most agresive arogent way and says nar sorry sun go home! the real reason hear is that songs like pearl jam jeremy and walk the moon shut up and dance are far to difiuclt for them to play on there little guitars given the fact that there commitmint is 1 hour max in the rehesal rooms a week. Mupits like this dont train studdy practice (1hr/wk max remember) and cant read a score (coz scores are for looser in clasical remember) becaue they think thy know it all and are so great wonderfull musisons that tallent was coming out of these ass holes at the age of ner ner. Well there are just rank amature muppits doing it for the beers or weed (hence 200 quid a night prat band!) and sadly they make up the 49 out of 50 bands that perform on saturday nights. Dont train studdy practive coz all that is for looses those that wont be able to keep up anyway. If you think what I am telling is BS MD then take a look at some of the muppits hear This person is the latest, time waster/ tyre kciker and turns out over the phone (3 days conversatyion) he is the bi8ggest time waster of the lot fking ass holes!
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  21. We already know that training and practice is the only thing that can improve your pitch. Stupid little things that "normal"(non singing/training) people would not take notice of helps get you to "Tune" your pitch. Like how you pronounce a word or your accent. If you listen to MOST(not all) songs you hardly hear an accent, or rather what you hear is a SINGERS accent. being that certain vowel sounds are use and others avoided BECAUSE non singing vowels can PULL YOU OFF PITCH. Like I said, on that forum, It is not a forum FOR SINGERS to improve their voice. It is FOR MUSICIANS and better ways to RECORD. A lot of the TIPS that you get from even the most qualified coaches will not help anyone if they do not give the exercise time and focus it needs. Most of it will sound like rubbish and BS to most people. Things like using lip bubbles or training scales or exercises/vocalizes or sing Eh instead of UH seem like all kinds of rubbish until you do it for a while AND CONCENTRATE ON DOING THINGS CORRECTLY. The improvement comes with time and effort. Even natural singers "Work on the songs" before they let anyone hear them sing. You have no idea how long it took them to sound Good. Listen to your own singing while working on a song. If you have trouble with a certain pitch, Just work on that one word that is giving you trouble when you get it right THEN add the other words in the song. Even NATURAL singers do this. They do not just wake grab a microphone and start singing a song on pitch and in key and with emotion. THEY WORK on it. Of course normal people are going to think it is bull because they tried all of 2 days and did not improve.
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