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  2. Eric! Name's Brian from CA. Nice to meet you! Anyway, I've gone through life knowing that I sound different from just about everyone else. This began at age 12 and now that I'm almost 51 is clearly a broadening trend in sound frequency and octave drops. To me, the low end of operatic bass is midrange E2. What is called "Deep C" C2 isn't really that deep. I heard you begin speaking here and I knew you'd be a good person to ask. What do I do when my singing range is B0 up to C4? No wonder people look at me oddly when I do descending scales and really hit the contra octave loud slow and full powe
  3. And how to practice sight singing alone? (different question) recommended sight singing resources?
  4. I wrote something recently about tips for memorising song lyrics. I've always felt that reading my way through gigs leaves me a bit disconnected from the audience, so I spent a lot of time over the years looking at memory techniques etc. Perhaps you'll find it useful for those ones you find tricky to memorise? That's just my personal experience though, I know a lot of people are more comfortable reading through a gig so don't let my old fashioned head stop you!
  5. Hello Is Bruce Dickinson still a tenor since his voice is deeper now?
  6. I recently noticed that there's somewhat of a crackle in my voice when I'm in chest/mix (not in head). I have no idea what's causing this and happens involuntarily. Anyone know why this is happening? Here's a quick recording: https://soundcloud.com/lowquenso/cracing It's very noticeable in "Would it be a sin" in the first 6 seconds.
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  10. I'm going to put in my two cents here because I have experienced both. When I first started singing, I was taught by a female coach and she said that mix was predominantly head voice but reinforced with chestiness and or twanginess, to make it sound more full. Later on I started taking lessons from a male coach, and he said I sung like a classically trained female lol. He said that mix was predominantly chest voice with thinning of vocal cord closure mass the higher you went. Now, if you hear a recording of me singing, Im going to say, for me as a male sin
  11. I am a singer (classically trained, but culturally a singer of soul/gospel/r&b). I lead worship weekly on Sundays and have realized that I find it much easier to remain pitch accurate it my head voice than in chest. Is this common? Is anyone able to share the science behind why? (Ps. In classical music I am a low voice - I sing baritone, but in popular music I vary in range as a tenor, as gospel often has tenors in high vocal ranges, and I’m pretty comfortable there as long as my technique is appropriate) Thank you!
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  13. My daughter takes voice lessons in boulder with Emma. She's great, she really cares about her students. Good luck!
  14. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a vocal teacher for my 8 year old daughter in Boulder Colorado. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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  17. I would say that talking about fach just confuses people in the beginning? Beginners need to find out their natural voices and what they are good at and not so good at. On certain forums you find beginners who ask if they are a dramatic tenor or some kind of baritone. To me this is not very helpful at all. It takes time to find out who you are when it comes to the voice. In my case I am a higher tenor. My teachers says that I am a tenor1. All we beginners need to know is bassically what range we have and how we need to train our voices. You really only know your fach when you have practiced
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