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    • Do you have a web site and youtube channel that people ask to see or not bother with it?
    • Members of the band book the jobs. We play the songs, while on break members of the audience, if they have an event coming up, will tell us they want to hire us for Party, wedding, birthday or other social event, and give us the date. At the end of the night, the owner of the club or the one who books events for the club will give a date and ask if we are already booked for that time or schedule us to come back'. There are many places to play within an hours drive. Even a small town will have 3 or 4 different clubs/bars/restaurants  that have live music.
    • So I take it you dont get booked online then? Who books you and your band?
    • Maybe for desperate people or to get started, but to get a following you need to play in the same area at regular intervals. The people get to know your band and make it a point to go to where you are going to be playing.
    • I think you are very wrong! have a quick look at these 3 sites then tell me if you still think I am wrong Because this is how its done nowerdays by online bookings!   https://www.lastminutemusicians.com/ https://www.gigstarter.co.uk/ https://www.alivenetwork.com/bandsearch.asp?style=Solo Duo and Trios 
    • It does not work like that in the real world sideshow. You play a gig and others at the show approach you if they have an event coming up. If you did good then the owners of the club will book you for another gig. Your "Agent" if you have one will already have a list of places who he books talent for. They used him in the past and he provided someone that is a good fit for the club. It is not just a hit or miss thing. Word of mouth travels when you are good. You also get a bad reputation if you are bad.
    • See my most recent post about faking it, coz this whole thing is BS! What they do is they book a singer online with an online directory or a so-called agent if they want a singer. These people want someone for a birthday party or wedding and have never booked before in there lifes and probably next time they book another singer they completly forgot about the first one.  What they do is they go online to book nowerday and go solo off of there online profile which includes photo, youtube videos and a bio The photos are generly a photo of them posing in front of a high end camera (all very well shot though) posing in a wood pretending or portraying to be a song writter, posing in a cafe pretending to be a film star, very rear will you see these signers advetising there live gigs with real photos of them on stage. Then we have the videos, make your own home made stage up at home or in an old mill/ warehoues and hire in 3 good cameras and sing to your backing tracks; then when done dub the audio with something out of the recording studios (dose not even have to be yours).   Look at this guy http://bigfootevents.co.uk/Hire/Barry-Gibb-Tribute-Night-Fever And look at his video sang in a recording studio, or is it! well I think he's far to away from the mic to be able to sing properly like that, In a recording studio ay! whats the chances of its a fake recording studio with someone ells voice. But the agency Big Tree from Blackpool who he is working for (if you dear call them an agency) think it all real too! WOOOWEEEE WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!!!! I guess to be a good singer nowerdays you dont need to be able to sing, so long as you can keep in timing with the song and mimick along, and as long as you are good with photography and filming and computer art work then that is all you will need, dose not matter if you are good or bad singer as the people who booked you will never book you again anyway. So long as the agency get paid for the performance then that is all they care as they can ditch you at any time when another one comes along, as there are plenty of tallented youtube channels out there!!!
    • I have friends who hate being "fake" or "fake" people. They end up stepping on toes a lot and losing "friends". As you said before "all the world is a stage" etc. and we play our parts. I do not look at it as being "Fake" if I avoid using bad language or telling "Blue" jokes with certain people. More out of respect for them than for my own value system. I would not tell the same joke to my grandmother that I would to an old school mate. Even that depends on which grandmother because one was a devout  christian and held those values and the other was more open to worldly vices.    If you are a musician or singer in a night club or a public venue, you may have to adopt the value of the crowd or their taste for a bit to  either get their attention or to gain some credibility with them. You are there to entertain them,  sometimes you have to be able to adjust to what they want in order to show them what you have to give.
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