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Weird breathing example.....Steve Miller "Wild Mountain Honey"

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have heard the song a million times. Never payed attention to the breathing but once you hear it, you cant unhear it lol


Is it normal to have this amount of breathing. Could he have gotten by on about half that amount of inhales?


Ooh, mama
Well (breath) look what's been done (breath)
You can only see the stars
After a (breath) setting sun (breath)

You (breath) run for the money (breath)
You don't even know about wild (breath) mountain honey



it especially strikes me as odd to have the breaths right in the middle of phrases such as "after a (breath) setting sun" and "wild (breath) mountian honey"


wouldn't the equivalent be "and she's (breath) buying a (breath) stairway (breath) to heaven"



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yeah, ofc the thought went thru my mind that the producer and artist obviously left it there on purpose. Then again some of the music of that era (74-75ish?) was produced very "loosely" due to massive alcohol and cocaine consumption lol. (think "Layla" sessions)

That being said, Steve Miller was a pretty consummate pop craftsman so im pretty sure it was for effect. I:E: its a super intimate song so the breathing adds to that intimacy


very down to Earth and very personal messages in the song...the breathing adds to that I suppose

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I can clear all of this up. For in my insanely long and intrepid quest for the most useless trivia, I have read and seen interviews with Steve Miller. He is extremely particular about the sound of his music and recordings. To the point where he did not like to perform live just anywhere, because a lot of "venues" have crap acoustics and he could not recreate reliably the sound he gets in the studio. Only if he knows the performance hall well enough will he play there.

In other words, everything you hear on his recordings has an artistic purpose. He meant to do it that way. Why? Doesn't matter, it's his artistic vision.

Now, go ahead and ask me where he is from?


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Maybe he just needed to improve his breathing to be quieter and faster like he sure has here live:

If you work hard on your breathing you can get your snap breaths so fast, it's hard to detect them....and when they are really strong and agile you have the stamina to do justice to songs like this.  (Steve Miller below).




But speaking of extra breaths


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It seems that the breathing pattern is for effect and timing. The best way to stop a note real quick is by taking a breath.

    Perhaps he did write the song directly after a good run or jog in the park. Try singing the song with the breath where you would normally take it and see if the effect, emotion and strength of tone stays the same.

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