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Robert Lunte - "Nocturne"

I love this song, I hope you do too... Some of you have heard this. This is the Final production. Special thanks to my team Zack Uidl, Jason Shavey and Clay Copeland.


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Thanks Ron!

... Ya, I know. I kind of noticed that too. It suits my singing approach and honestly, suits my disposition. I really like big "heroic" moments and theater in singing. And if the singing is not,... consistent with "heroism" so to speak, I really don't get the point of singing it? The exception might be something like the "I can't make you love me thing", but even that interpretation was elevated to something else from the original.

To me, ... "heroism", is why I started singing. It is the source of my inspiration for doing this in my life. I am not strictly anal about it, but... if I am going to put the time, energy and money into a production, then that is what I am going to invest in. 

This is why I never quite got the appeal, and still don't of bands like Nirvana? I get that the song writing is good and that it is very genuine and "felt"... or so it seems according to the grudge tradition... but, Kurt Cobain puts me to sleep. It just makes me think, ".. So what? He is HOLLERING into the mic. I'm not impressed". If you are not really bridging, belting, screaming, or showing great agility and intonation... then as far as great interest in the singing is concerned, it is pointless to me. 

You see, here are two examples of heroism in singing... this gets me off. 


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