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Dimos Zagaris

se 2200a ii vs neuman 193 vs miktec cv4

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Hello guys ..I would like your advice about a microphone selection Yesterday i tried in my voice the brauner phantom classic and its very soft microphone in my voice Like in this video test

This is another microphone test with se 2200a ii c

Its better in my voice cause it has better low end but its little muddy in low mid
like this too

I tried akg 414 but too thin in my voice
also rode nt1, 

I tried jz vintage 11 but its too much warm in my voice

Now im thinkig neumann 193 or se2200 ii with focusrite isa one
Will it change the sound of se2200a ii if i will add focusirite isa one?

Or maybe miktek  cv4?

This is not to promote my channel or get viewS..i just want a microphone like manley or u87 focucused with good low end and great higs..Is this possible?


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You can use one of the more affordable mics and there are plenty of mic emulator plug-ins which will get you to sounding like some of the high dollar mics. Here is a funny thing - high dollar mics often add a certain effect to the voice, mostly by rolling off the high partials, which you can do with EQ, emulators, or both.

Seriously, get a good -12 dB signal in with a regular condenser mic and use a plug-in for "U-87" and a shelf EQ at 10 kHz and no one is going to know the difference. And the one or two that might tell the difference are not music buyers or producers. Performance and the room trump equipment, every time.


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