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Head Voice, Falsetto or Mixed..

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I love that song, hahah. Well, I don't want to get into terms, because they are all debatable, but I'd say that is an un-adducted phonation, with some airleak also, and the body of the folds is not engaging. The body of the folds, the meat of the folds, is highly responsable of giving the "normal voice"/chestvoice/speaking voice quality to the voice when singing.

For that song, if you want what Lana is doing, you need to decrease the airflow, and "seal" the vocal folds until you can do a smaller and "sharper" sound, so you can control it and be able to give that ethereal and flirty quality she has.

So what you have here, I, personally, would say is falsetto, describing my perception based on TFPS terms.

I think, based on very little info hahaha, that your voice is pretty strong already, so you'd have to learn more the coordination part of singing. My voice is not very strong but I can still sing a lot of stuff, so yeah, just practice the hell out of whatever sound you want to make.

For that, in general, the things you want to try to balance out are air flow ( the air that you "throw" through the vocal folds ), and how much you "close" your vocal folds. If you have too much or too little of any of those, singing can get difficult, or even dangerous in some cases. But you have to experiment to find what is more comfortable and less tiring.

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